Nintendo of America has released another set of English versions of a duo of Hyrule Warriors trailers, this time being based on Fi and Princess Zelda The two trailers previously debuted on Tecmo Koei’s Japanese YouTube channel over the past two weeks. While these English versions are near identical, they do reveal several English translations for the game, such as Fi’s full English title, “The Goddess Sword Fi”, and the true title of the conductor’s wand which Princess Zelda wields, which is simply referred to as “Baton.”

The most interesting aspect of the North American localization is that while Fi is titled “The Goddess Sword”, the name of her weapon is the Goddess Blade. This is unusual because the name of the blade in Skyward Sword is always referred to as “The Goddess Sword.” Is Fi, titled “The Goddess Sword”, a separate entity from the Goddess Blade she uses in Hyrule Warriors, or are they one in the same? It is also interesting to note that, while it was thought that Princess Zelda was wielding the Wind Waker in previous screenshots and trailers, the title of this “weapon” is merely called the Baton. Will it somehow be able to be upgraded to the sacred Wind Waker, or is the Baton just an homage to the legendary item?

Fi, “The Goddess Sword”: Goddess Blade

Zelda, “Princess of Hyrule”: Baton