Last month, Princess Zelda stepped up and proved herself more than worthy of being considered as a capable fighter. We have been introduced to several characters through the Hyrule Warriors trailers, and watched in awe at the various fighting styles used against huge armies of enemies. Now, the princess is back again with a new secret weapon.

Recent screenshots have revealed Zelda holding a new item in her hands. It was none other than the Wind Waker, and now we get to see the conductor’s baton in action. Zelda’s symphony starts off with a song that summons a bunch of Fairies, who dance around her to aid her.

Just like in the previous trailer, she seems very much an agility-focused character. She appears to dance, rather than simply move across the battlefield.

Zelda’s first attack appears to be the Song of Storms, raining lightning down upon her foes. She also summons musical staves on the ground under her enemies’ feet to attack with magic. Zelda then moves on to the next part of her musical, in which she summons a tornado. It looks as though the direction of the tornado can be controlled by the player, sending Bokoblins flying into the air. She ends by conducting Saria’s Song, wherein another impressive tornado forms and empties the entire battlefield.