The relationship between Link and Princess Zelda has become a staple throughout the Zelda series. In this piece of artwork titled “The Legend of Zelda – How to win a Princess’s kiss” by KejaBlank, Link is finally rewarded for his heroic efforts in Ocarina of Time with a simple kiss. Fantasizing about this event since she was 16, KejaBlank has dreamed of the moment that Zelda and Link would come together, as many fellow Zelda fans have. It is described as the “crowning achievement” of her Zelda-phase, a culmination of her feelings towards both the Zelda franchise and the Zelda/Link relationship. As both a fan of the Zelda/Link pairing as well as a fan of artwork, I believe this effort has yielded an extraordinary result that expresses the feelings of so many Zelda fans who have played Ocarina of Time. Zelda and Link have a very special relationship in every Zelda game, and this piece expresses that bond to its fullest extent.

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