Zelda Universe’s own extraordinary artist EternaLegend is at it again, creating another piece for the “legends.” This time, as opposed to her epic portrayal of the story from A Link Between Worlds, she takes a more subtle approach — a piece of artwork depicting Link in Zelda Wii U. Full of gorgeous coloring and showcasing Link’s epic new bow, she does an amazing job in capturing the essence of the next generation of Zelda.

You can check out more of EternaLegend’s artwork on her DeviantArt page. I highly recommend it, as she is an incredibly talented artist and has a plentiful amount of quality pieces on display.

What do you expect from the next generation of The Legend of Zelda?


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  • Uber Dewber

    The way his legs are positioned and appear seems a little.. odd. Nice drawing nonetheless.

    • Esteban Santi

      Yeah, very girly…

  • Gian Turner

    so gaaaay

  • cookie


  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    Too feminine. You can’t even do that in midair unless you want to land on your knees.

  • Charlene Buffington

    Feminine legs and also feet are anatomically incorrect.
    The only thing I like is his face and the bow.

  • Kalin_Thalis

    I like it except the way he jumps looks a bit feminine. Either way it’s still very well done.

  • richa

    the legs are a bit too girly but this is one of the first pics I have seen that the artist tries to make his new eye design :3

  • Talmor

    Look at Link prance.

  • Soeroah

    Oh what a feeling


  • Melanie Mark Coleman

    It’s a gorgeous piece, very nice colours and very nice technique.

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