Relatively speaking, there is nothing physically strenuous about beating a Zelda game. Unlike Link, who must climb walls, swing massive weapons and push enormous blocks around, players get to experience the same story and dungeons without putting in the muscle. But for those that like to get up and move after they put down the controller, this Zelda-inspired workout from Nerd Fitness will test if you have what it takes to be the Hero of Time.

Based on the gameplay in Ocarina of Time, the workout features many sets that aim to replicate the actions Link performs from one of the most acclaimed games of all time. Exercises include:

  • Death Mountain Climbers
  • Block Pushes
  • Fairy Bow Pulls
  • Megaton Hammer Curls
  • Bomb Throws
  • Hookshot Pullups
  • Mirror Shield Raises

The regimen includes a total of six workouts themed around one of the adult Link dungeons from Ocarina of Time. Each also includes a “boss battle” exercise to finish things off each day. Warms-ups are included too, based around the three young Link dungeons. It’ll be hard work getting through all six workouts though.

“Remember, if you can’t complete a temple, aim to do slightly better next workout,” the site advises. “Just like the video game, it could take you several tries before you can advance.”

Only one question remains: how did Link get so fit after sleeping for seven years?

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