Beating Ganondorf has traditionally been the job for just one hero. It wasn’t until Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures came along that Link teamed up with other Links to save the day. Since then, there have been minor attempts to get players together in the same Zelda game, including Wind Waker‘s Tingle Tuner gameplay, and a multiplayer battle mode in Phantom Hourglass. Now, fans of these experiences can rejoice, as series producer Eiji Aonuma says more multiplayer is to come.

Game Informer recently asked Aonuma if the multiplayer capabilities in the upcoming Wii U game Hyrule Warriors was part of the producer’s plan to branch away from the traditional Zelda formula, reminding him that he previously made comments about wanting to rethink having to play Zelda games alone. Aonuma agreed, and even had this to say about it: “When I was talking back about making Zelda more than just a single-player experience? That’s something you will see in the future, maybe next year.”

“That’s something you will see in the future, maybe next year.”

Next year marks the planned release of the next installment in The Legend of Zelda series — an open-world adventure for Wii U. Aonuma seems to be confirming that the game will likely feature multiplayer in some fashion, but what that will be remains to be seen. Will the game be designed from the ground up for more than one player, like Four Swords was, or will it be completely optional, perhaps dedicated to a separate game mode? What kind of multiplayer do you want to see in the next Zelda game?

  • Josh Cornett

    I wouldn’t want to have a Four Swords experience with this Zelda, although a Four Swords in a 3D world does sound enticing for another title down the road. What I would love to see more of is a social multiplayer experience, in the vein of Wind Waker HD. The Tingle Bottles really added to the world I thought, and with Mii Verse social connectivity in all Nintendo games is a near given.

  • craZ

    Tingle Turner? Wait, is Tingle Will Turner’s brother, son of Bootstrap Bill? :O

    • Shawn Taylor

      Fixed, thank you!

  • craZ

    What I see is the potential for Fellowship of the Trifore. That bow-wielding one is Linkolas, and we may see others like Linkomir with a nice big shield, Linkgorn with an awesome sword Mastersil (punned off of Narsil and the Master Sword), and Linkdo (Frodo)

  • Sdudyoy

    I’d like a secondary story mode with multiplayer, like Portal 2 had.

    • X_disqus_g1VQbJszhQ

      That would be interesting, but it might cause the single-player mode to be shorter. Sadly a lot of the zelda games have been feeling very short compared to older zelda’s like zelda NES & OOT. We all saw how short the 4 swords for game cube was.

  • Chad

    I’m down only if the main game is single player. Single player Zelda has always been my favorite.

  • Ryan Haney

    If they made it like something where someone can join in to play as the companion Link already has on his side, I’d be O.K. with that. Since I always play alone, I could pick up my Wii Remote to take control of the fairy or talking hat to use their special magic that a 2nd player would control. I don’t want a Double Dragon or New Super Mario kind of 2 player Zelda game.

  • Crono Boy

    Optional start/stop-at-any-time 2nd player (or 3rd or 4th), like in Secret of Mana, or Fable 2.

  • X_disqus_g1VQbJszhQ

    The part I enjoy about exploring is that I’m doing it alone. No friend near me cracking jokes, or telling me to stop appreciating all the graphics, or telling me to slow down or hurry up, or telling me all the secrets before I even get to try and solve it myself. Its just me, immersed in the vast world of Hyrule(or wherever they put me).

    Something simple that does not allow other players to take away from the single player exploring and problem solving of the game would be nice.

    • Ryan Haney

      I agree 100%.

  • 64zeldafan

    I think this could be good as it is a big world so the more players the easier to explore.

  • acurrier

    Even a supportive role akin to Mario Galaxy would be cool with me