Following last week’s surprising reveal of the eponymous Bayonetta expanding her wardrobe with the option of wearing various Nintendo-themed costumes in the Bayonetta Wii U port, we have even more details trickling out regarding the Link tunic.

We also have a few new screenshots of Bayonetta in action with the tunic. Please note: The final two screenshots at the bottom of this article contain minor bloody violence.

Bayonetta Nintendo costumes

We already know that the titular witch will wield the legendary Master Sword. Director Isao Negishi expanded on this in a blog post on developer Platinum’s official website, explaining that the sword will be introduced when Bayonetta performs her signature attack, the Wicked Weave, while wearing the costume. “Wicked Weaves will create a giant Master Sword that slices enemies clean in two.”

Negishi then elaborated on the Zelda-themed sound effects while donning the tunic. In addition to the previously reported “puzzle solved” jingle, the “treasure chest” chime and the collecting Rupees sound effect, he revealed that we have more familiar melodies to look forward to.

Bayonetta - Link costume 1

“We’ve included a few other sound effects well,” Negishi teases. “All taken from A Link to the Past with Nintendo’s permission. Those classic sounds really do still hold up.”

Perhaps we could hear the teleportation sound when Bayonetta enters the Gates of Hell, or the Heart Container sound when assembling four Broken Witch Hearts.

Bayonetta - Link costume 3

Bayonetta - Link costume 2

Negishi also detailed the Princess Peach and Samus costumes in the same blog post, which you can read here.

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  • Ryan Haney

    I like it. How do the Bayonetta games play? Are they levels like the Lord of the Rings on the GameCube, or timed levels like Super Mario games, or free roaming like Zelda?

    • Ixbran

      the levels arent timed, and while the games stages are separated in sections, you can explore many of the areas in the stages to find hidden secrets.

    • Ricosuave

      best way to describe it would be: “its like the counter part of devil may cry, killing angels instead of demons”

      • Ryan Haney

        I’ve never played devil may cry. How does it compare to Assassin’s Creed?

        • Ricosuave

          its a 3d “beat-em up” following a main story line

    • Arya

      You can always check out the game-play for both the first Bayonetta and Devil May Cry series on youtube if you’d like an idea of how it plays and whether or not that sort of genre is your cup of tea.

    • YesbroMarcos

      It’s a hack and slash game.