The trailer for the upcoming Zelda Wii U was short but very beautiful and filled to the brim with details. What the trailer lacked in length, it made up for in density and in the amount of detail it contained. GameXplain performed a detailed analysis on the trailer, and uncovered a plethora of interesting information. There are a lot of details — too many to cover in this article — so here are some highlights from the trailer.

Numerous little details are pointed out in the opening shot. Human workers stand in the field, while goats are grazing in the grass. Meanwhile, we see several structures standing in the background, including a set of pillars and a pyramid-shaped architecture that GameXplain speculates could be a temple. There also appears to be a tower which Link can ascend in order to get a better view of the world around him. Death Mountain sits in the distance, though it looks to be surrounded by a desert area, something that hasn’t been part of the Death Mountain terrain in past games.

When the monster appears, Epona dashes away as the monster chases Link into a forest area which holds structures decorated with animal engravings. As the monster continues chasing Link, it collides into a rock, destroying it. The video discusses how this could hint at there being destructible environments in Zelda Wii U, as the monster takes out a bridge only a few moments later, halting Link’s progress.

The monster itself is a blend of futuristic and ancient design — the top portion of the monster is covered in moss and contains a design that is strikingly different from its mechanical legs. This could signify that the monster has been dormant for a long period of time, and that something has now awoken it.

Link’s design is a focal point of GameXplain’s analysis. Link initially throws off his cloak, which contains strange symbols that are currently unidentifiable — they don’t seem to resemble anything from past games in the series. His sword also appears to be missing, instead using arrows as his main weapon in the trailer. The arrow with the blue front has a unique design which is noticeably similar to that of the monster. This may suggest that Link is able to craft weaponry from materials and monster leftovers.

Finally, GameXplain draws some interesting comparisons between the trailer and the classic anime film, Princess Mononoke. Both main characters are wearing similar clothing, and the villagers in both works share similar designs. GameXplain further speculates that Zelda Wii U may echo the story of Princess Mononoke, in which Link would be exiled from his village.

For all the details, check out GameXplains extensively detailed trailer below!

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