Aonuma has been teasing the gaming community over the past few days with what we saw in the Zelda Wii U trailer. He even went as far as to say that the character in the trailer may not be Link. Well, it appears that Aonuma was simply having some fun with all the online rumors and speculation. Talking to MMGN, Aonuma humorously responded to speculation that the character wasn’t Link in the trailer. “It’s a rumour,” he said.

Aonuma states that he made the comment in a joking manner, and that his words were (understandably) taken out of context. “It’s not that I said that it wasn’t Link,” Aonuma said. “It’s that I never said that it was Link. It’s not really the same thing, but I can understand how it could be taken that way.”

Aonuma maintains that his remark was intended to be taken with humor, and that his remark was prompted by speculation that the character in the trailer was female. Being a trailer for a main Zelda game, the producer felt that “you have to show Link when you create a trailer for a Zelda announcement.”

In the end, Aonuma doesn’t want people to get hung up on how Link looks. He states that in the end, Link is supposed to represent the player. Furthermore, Aonuma doesn’t want to define Link’s features because “it becomes limiting to the players.” He wants players to focus on other aspects of the trailer rather than Link, and he makes it clear again that Link is supposed to be an extension and representation of the player.

You can read all of Aonuma’s comments and thoughts at MMGN.

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  • Jonathan Payne

    As soon as I saw the face, I knew it was Link. However, this just begs the questions: why is he dressed like that instead of the traditional tunic, and what role does he play in this game? He clearly has weapons at his disposal, but I believe this is the first time he gets anything more than a sword and a shield before donning the green tunic (except for Twilight Princess I believe). Is he a knight or a mercenary now, like in Hyrule Warriors, or is this a piece of clothing in addition to the standard green tunic? Too many questions to be had.

    • craZ

      Are you saying a maybe customization aspect to Link’s clothes? I’m half and half on that idea

      • Melody

        I would be half and half on that too. Its bringing the game play to new waters( like if they made it a turn based rpg I wouldn’t be pleased)

    • Erlend

      Many zelda games has no green tunic in the beginning (i.e Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword) so I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but when I saw his bow I got confused. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you never had a bow before the green tunic in any zelda game? So either that outfit is useable, or there is no green tunic. Either way, as long as i get to use that cape it’s fine by me!

    • Jonathan Reeder

      Looks to me like the blue clothes link starts with in wind waker. Could we be looking at a wind waker / phantom hourglass / spirit tracks sequel set in New Hyrule?

    • Melody

      I agree. Saw the face and said looks like Link. What point would it be if they made it his son(like some were saying) or brother? What have a guy whp looks, acts, and fights like Link but call him something else?? Thats just Link with a different name.
      And as for people saying he was a she, I never was convinced. Looked like a girly anime boy to me.

    • PAX

      Might be able to make your character customizable. . Which would be awesome imo.

    • Monkeh

      How come none of you mention that in OoT you could just switch between the different tunics, which could be the case here and would make sense with the amount of freedom you’ll be getting.

  • Noka

    I don’t know if MMGN is a trustworthy source, here, guys. was posted on the same day, and MMGN’s way further smalltime and got a far different “response” than what GameInformer got.

    I really can’t say this is honest until it’s directly confirmed by another source or Aonuma himself.

  • Elemonator

    I saw someone point out that in this trailer, Link had the bow before a sword. Perhaps he is a hunter or something. Who knows. We will just have to wait and see.

    • Christian Schoff

      Nah if you look closely there is what appears to be a odd shaped sword on the horse.

      • Ryan Haney

        Here’s a link to a still from that trailer of Link on Epona:

        • Ryan Haney

          Here’s another. I see a pack, sleeping bag, shield, bow, 2 saddle bags, saddle blanket, quiver and arrows, but no sword. What about not having a hat!? Z-MC, Z-WW, Z-TP no hat means first 5 minutes of the game. Maybe we’re seeing a hunter attacked as you turn on the game the 1st time.

          • smbmaster99

            Actually, he did have a sword:

            the frames just moves so quickly it’s really hard to catch it 😛

          • Ryan Haney

            Good eye. The website where I saw the stills didn’t have that still. Is that his fancy arrowhead below the sheath?

          • smbmaster99

            Yup that’s it

          • Elemonator

            That is what I was meaning by hunter. And of course Link doesn’t usually start with a sword, but he usually doesn’t start with anything at all. And since WW and TP him having different cloths is not that unusual either. Bow and shield before sword could make for an interesting thing. Of course this trailer might mean nothing and is just a show piece. Don’t know, can’t know!

          • PAX

            And he def never has started off with a bow with crazy arrows… would be cool if we got to in this game.. but I see that scene was a little into the game.. not just at the beginning.

    • Anthony Moseley

      I don’t see why people were so quick to point out the lack of a sword. I mean, name one Zelda game where Link actually starts out with his sword (other than The Adventure of Link). I never really understood what the significance of him not having a sword was.

    • PAX

      Actually link does have a sword. You can see the sheath right next to the quiver of arrows on Epona.. there a vid out the that about 13 minute long breaking down a bunch of the stuff most missed in that 1 minute preview .. like when link takes of his cape you can see a figure on the back.. they tried lookin it up but they couldnt figure it out.. but to me it looks like ganon as a beast.. horns. Glowing red eye and a piggish nose…
      But for those that are super excited about the game it shows alot of things that most people just prolly missed..
      Im gonna try to post it here but if they dont let me just google zelda u rewind.. I believe its a lil over 13 minutes.. well worth the time


      • heroofmasks

        thats not epona tho epona had a white mane and tail so this is a new horse wether or not its perm and they havent changed it to epona or not i questionable for now i have dubbed this new horse shulk if male fiora if female

        • PAX

          Thats right.. bur why shulk.? Lol

          • heroofmasks

            i was playing xenoblade chronicles before that comments andi cant think of a fitting male steed for link

  • Christian Schoff

    I don’t care who it is, I just care about the arrow. What kind of arrow transforms and then makes a glowing blade?

    • Anthony Moseley

      Definitely very futuristic for a Zelda game.

      • heroofmasks

        not really the unique thing about zelda is while its midevil nintendo loves to put out of place wouldnt be there in real life iteams or other things like phones trains and what not so the arrow really doesnt surprise me i mean look at the hookshot that thing is so futuristic it doesnt even exist yet in the real world

    • GreenLinkMaster

      a Xeno-Arrow. Link is now Shulk2.0 and is takeing out the Mechon 1 Xeno-Arrow at a time >.>

    • Nick Zimmerman

      I doubt this is a, very, futuristic zelda game. The arrow has many similarities with the enemy he is fighting. Its most likely an arrow combined with robot stuff that was seen in Skyward Sword. Lanayru desert was full of robots.

  • vind

    I’m glad they decided to change his appearance, though. This is definitely a brilliant aspect of rejuvenating the worn-out Zelda formula – and we haven’t really had a real controversy in the series since Majora’s Mask ! I’m excited to see how this one will unfold, and if we’ll get a different kind of storyline.

    • VladNorris

      “and we haven’t really had a real controversy in the series since Majora’s Mask !”
      The bias makes people make such stupid claims.
      I mean, are you forgetting Wind Waker? Because as far as I’m concerned, that was easily the prime example of a Zelda game causing controversy.

      • vind

        In terms of graphics, yes. I was referring to the actual game formula. Maybe you ought to read more carefully before you choose to let out your arrogance.

        • VladNorris

          Uh…There are still other instances. From handheld games to Skyward Sword and it’s linear nature, or even A Link Between Worlds with the item system.
          It’s not arrogance, it’s disappointment in the fanbase

  • Anthony Moseley

    Like I’ve said before, I think it’s just a very anime-inspired Link, which is why he looks so feminine.

  • Trinosaur

    I have always loved Link and the idea of playing a game feeling “linked” with the character. But I would question the fact that while we as people can identify with Link as he progresses through the game under our control… we are also aware that he is in fact his own character. He’s always been a silent protagonist apart from perhaps Skyward Sword where we are allowed to respond with our own choice of dialogue. So to some degree we have control over him as a character and control his identity. But Link is a link to the player, not meant to *be* the player. He is a way we connect to the game and the world he lives in.

    But… what if in some instance they decide to make him female? Not genderbent, but an actual incarnation of Link, carrying the triforce of courage, but born female. The role of Link the character and the personality of Link the character wouldn’t necessarily change. Simply the gender. Not only would this give us a different perspective on Link as a character, I think the audience for Zelda would also expand with more females being interested in playing the game. It would give women another layer to identify with and feel “linked” with while playing. I am already loving how androgynous he tends to look in recent titles (male but with some feminine features or “anime-ish” as described by some). I’d love to see how a Zelda title would turn out with Link actually being female.

    Either way I am very excited for this upcoming title and Nintendo can expect all of my money to come flying out of my wallet upon its release. Aonuma has always been a bit of a prankster. 😛

  • Ryan Haney

    Here is a much bigger picture of Wii U Hyrule. I’m pretty sure it’s Hyrule and not New Hyrule(post Spirit Tracks) based on zooming in and seeing some familiar looking things.×900.jpg

    • Anthony Moseley

      I see Death Mountain in the background for sure. Also, what appears to possibly be Hyrule Castle near the middle. I love it though. It looks very Elder Scrolls-ish, which makes me happy. We’re finally getting that epic open-world Zelda game that most of us have been wanting since Twilight Princess!

  • Ryan Meagher

    I don’t see the problem I like its a mix of WW and SS. I love the art style in both games. I don’t think he looks THAT feminine. I would like to see a stalkier Link someday. Doesn’t always have to be super thin. But regardless I’m excited.

  • Garrett

    i love the art direction, it looks like an anime, if they make an anime of zelda ill die happy 😀

  • Zoua Loli Kha

    I kinda hope Eiji Aonuma approves voice acting in this game.
    Link should speak in small dialogs similar to Master Chief in the Halo series. In my opinion, the VAs should be:
    Link – Johnny Yong Bosch
    Zelda – Laura Bailey
    Ganondorf – Roger Craig Smith or Nolan North
    Impa – Cree Summer

  • PAX

    If you havent seen the break down of the preview check this vid out.. points out alot of cool stull. Like the face of ganon as a beast form on the back of links hood. Well that what I see.. you bee the judge and let me know what you think.


  • rusVan

    It looks more TP than SS, this game is a progession from the HD demo two years ago, and that was TP inspired.

  • LukesAlike

    Looks cell-shaded.

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