Last night at the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Roundtable discussion at E3, Masahiro Sakurai revealed the 33rd playable fighter in the upcoming Smash games will be none other than Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man. The iconic gaming legend will join Sonic and Mega Man as third-party characters in the new Smash games.

Mashahiro Sakurai writes on Miiverse: “A milestone of video-game history — PAC-MAN joins the battle! He’s even older than Mario!!”

Pac-Man has an arsenal of moves that pay tribute to his long video game history. He can transform from his 3D form to his retro 2D form for some of his attacks. He will also chomp pellets, throw pixilated fruit and items, summon the Pac-Man ghosts, and swing standard punches and kicks. For his Final Smash, Pac-Man transforms into a 2D hungry giant that proceeds to eat everything in his path.

Also announced for the Nintendo 3DS version of the game is a new Pac-Man stage based on the original arcade levels.


Check out the announcement trailer, which also includes a cameo for Mr. Game & Watch, who was first released the same year as Pac-Man but remains still unconfirmed as a character in the upcoming Smash games. Also check out the new screens below that were posted on Pac-Man’s official character page on the Super Smash Bros. website.





  • Anthony Moseley

    I knew it was only a matter of time.

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    That’s pretty cool.

    So, that ending… was that confirmation that Game and Watch will be in it also? Or just a cameo?

    • Domingo Cardona

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a confirmation. people already know he was in Brawl so to have him show up again in a video pretty much means he’s going to be in it. Otherwise what was the point of spending time to add him in?

      • JaidynReiman

        Technically its not a confirmation since Game and Watch wasn’t on the 3DS. Game and Watch was shown in the trailer because both he and Pac-Man debuted in the same year.

        • Shawn Taylor

          Yeah. It’s extremely reasonable that G&W is in Smash Bros. again, but Nintendo hasn’t said for certain yet.

        • Domingo Cardona

          okay? and why spend all that time and energy making Game and Watch, who is a veteran of an older smash game, appear in the end of that trailer just to throw a factoid that people could have easily gotten from a simple google search?

          was that fact so necessary that they needed to rush it into the pacman reveal before uploading it?

          • Jude Mathis

            You make it sound like it was so much work to show him off at the end of the trailer for like 10 seconds! Lol. Maybe they were just using some of their classic Nintendo humor to give us fans a little something to laugh about.

            It’s a little weird how they actually showed him off, but they didn’t add him to the official website’s roster. I’m sure he’s going to be properly introduced into the roster eventually, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

          • Domingo Cardona

            took things seriously? all I did was explain that animation isn’t so simple lmao wtf are you talking about? you’re speaking as if I threw out some racial slurs and cursed you out or something.

            10 second animation =/= 10 seconds of work.

          • Jude Mathis

            Well, you didn’t throw out any racial slurs, but you did curse at me! That’s probably why it ended up not being posted! Lol.

            I basically agreed with you about everything besides the part where you said that it was a confirmation. Nintendo doing a 10-second animation of Mr. Game & Watch didn’t necessarily confirm anything. That’s all.

            Obviously animation isn’t a simple thing regardless of whether it’s 10 seconds long or five minutes long. I just don’t get why you assumed that it was a confirmation when companies like Nintendo can do anything they want like that for any number of possible reasons. Did you ever think that they might have just done it for fun? For all we know, they could have just done it to show that Pac-Man will be taking Mr. Game & Watch’s spot in this game. We can’t be sure about anything right now!

            That’s like saying Dark Pit will be a playable character since he showed up at the end of Palutena’s reveal! Do you really think that he would take up his own spot on the roster? I don’t think so, but who knows! I probably should have pointed that out earlier, but that’s a perfect example of what I was trying to explain to you. Neither of them were added to the official website’s roster, so both of their appearances can’t be considered as confirmations.

            To end my point, I’d just like to say again that I still think Mr. Game & Watch will probably end up being an unlockable character and Dark Pit will probably just be an alternate color for Pit, but we don’t know anything right now. It’s likely for both cases to happen, but even a few other posters tried pointing it out to you. It doesn’t necessarily count as a confirmation when a character shows up for the last 10 seconds in a character reveal video and doesn’t get added to the official website’s roster! I hope that clears things up!

          • Domingo Cardona

            making a big deal out of this? aren’t you the one claiming I cursed you out lol.

            apparently you don’t since you somehow don’t find him popular as you don’t see how him being featured in the last bit of Pacman’s trailer would be a bad idea for those who want him back in Smash.

            you say exaggerate when all I’m saying is what work goes into those “10 seconds” you find so simple to make. if you find it an “exaggeration” when I’m just explaining the oh so “simple” form of animation and editing than it that speaks about how much work really goes into it.

            so adding G&W with other known Smash veterans that are confirmed for Smash just to “show how classic Pacman is” somehow makes sense to you that he wouldn’t be in Smash after having him hang out with other confirmed fighters? pffft okay.

            at the end of the day nobody’s taking this as seriously as you are, because all I’m doing is explaining how “lol it’s 10 seconds of video” doesn’t mean that it was an easy 10 seconds to make out of thin air just to throw in an old veteran and then tell people “lol nah he aint in smash we just wanted to show you how classic Pacman was without just putting Pacman with 1980 on it by himself…HE NEEDS A BUDDY!”

          • Jude Mathis

            I didn’t say you cursed me out, I said you cursed at me. You said that it didn’t mean jack(spit) in an earlier post, so that’s a curse right there, right? I don’t mind the language, I was just saying that you did curse! Lol.

            You don’t even know me! Lol. I grew up playing with a bunch of different Game & Watch games since lived in Japan when I was younger and my parents liked collecting them. I also used to get newer versions of them at arcades in claw machines and stuff where you would win them like little prizes. They have a nostalgic place in my heart. I never said it was a bad idea for him to be in the new game. I just said that it wasn’t a confirmation that he was in the game.

            I’m not downplaying the work of animators, but it’s not like Mr. Game & Watch moves fluidly like any of the other characters. He made like five different motions at the end of the video and all of them are basically just stills. So I still think that you’re definitely exaggerating the actual work put into those 10 seconds.

            Nobody’s taking it as seriously as me, but you post just as long of a comment back at me? Lol. Why do you even answer back if you’re not going to take a step back and discuss the topic with an open mind. I know you want the character to be in the game and so do I, but why are you so certain about something that hasn’t been officially confirmed. That’s all I was wondering…

            By the way, Sakurai clearly stated last year that not every character from previous games will be returning, so why can’t you at least entertain the possibility that he might not return. I want as many characters to return as possible, but I’m keeping an open mind and being objective here. I’m just asking that you do the same.

          • Jude Mathis

            Cursing somebody out means that you say more than one curse word towards somebody, but you only used one curse word and it wasn’t directed at me, but rather what you were talking about. That’s the difference and I was just trying to be accurate. By the way, thanks for continuing to judge my fandom for the series and Mr. Game & Watch as if you know me! Lol.

            I wasn’t trying to convince you about anything other than to have an open mind and think objectively about this silly little matter, but I guess you don’t ever want to do that. I was just somebody who was trying to explain to you the difference between you making assumptions and official confirmations, as in what’s actually going to end up happening. You have just as much of a clue as anybody else as to what will happen, so why must you continue to think that you’re right and I’m wrong? Neither of us can say we’re correct more details and information come out, but if two other people said the same thing to you as I did in earlier posts, you have to realize that your opinion isn’t fact.

            You say you answered me several times, but you fail to do anything but give me ridiculously rude responses as if we aren’t both adults who can have a civilized discussion about a topic this silly. If you don’t want to answer back anymore, that’s perfectly fine. There’s nothing else I can say at this point if you haven’t understood anything I’ve said up until now.

            You also ignored several points I made in my last post and earlier posts, but I guess you just pick and choose the ones you want to use in favor towards your arguments instead of discussing them with an unbiased mindset.

            Finally, I’d just like to point out how you said that I was taking this more seriously than anybody else, yet you posted the longest comment of them all and you still failed to see things from a perspective other than your own. I’m starting to wonder if you’re just trolling me at this point. Any other person would have had the sense to be more reasonable about this subject by now. To each his own though.

          • Domingo Cardona

            “I’d just like to point out how you said that I was taking this more
            seriously than anybody else, yet you posted the longest comment of them

            *his entire post is longer than my previous post*


          • MightyNo1

            Long-time lurker of this website, but i just couldnt help myself. I’ve been following your guys’ conversation these past few days bcuz I think you both kinda look childish and it’s pretty hilarious, but i just had to make an account to let you know that you really make no sense. lol. You know he was talking about your last reply which i recall didn’t even get posted bcuz it didn’t get approved. I read that mess and it was A LOT longer than his last post. Why do you gotta ignore the truth just to make yourself look better? lol. That’s not right…

            IDEK why Jude Mathis even went on and on for as long as he did, but i have to agree with him and the other guys above as well. This technically isn’t a confirmation. It’s crazy how you don’t see that. Maybe you’re obsessed with the character or something, but i’m not gonna judge. lol. Anyways, thanks for the laughs! He’s pretty crazy. You’re just dumb. lol.

          • Domingo Cardona


          • MightyNo1

            Don’t act like you didn’t read my whole post! haha. No wonder he couldnt help you out man, you’re straight up stupid!! How did this guy waste like five posts on you? lol. I would have given up on you after the first post cuz you’re clearly just a dumb troll! He probably spends hours making sure every one of his posts are smart and perfect and then you just pull trash right out of your head that make you sound dumb! Bravo!! lol.

          • Domingo Cardona

            0/10 – you’re trying too hard

            also “He probably spends hours making sure every one of his posts are smart and perfect”

            lmao you’re not helping his case. so if what you say is true then it’s really sad how serious he’s taking this if he’s spending hours on text posts.

            good thing he has you to keep him honest and proving to me that he was the one taking this WAY too seriously.

          • MightyNo1

            Why would i care if I’m helping his case out or not?? He’s crazy for even wasting all this time talking to a troll like you! It’s like hes never been on the internet before! lol Dang, i sure wouldnt answered back after reading your dumb first couple a posts. But i said that he probably wastes all that time bcuz everything he says is pretty much true. I agree he took this way too seriously, but it must be frustrating for him talking to you since you trollin him lol. You just seem to make a whole bunch of stuff up. Lying and making stuff up without replying back to some of his better points and ignoring how idiotic you sound. lol. He might be pathetic, but you’re just dumb and stupid beyond belief! Bravo again!! haha

          • Domingo Cardona

            “you’re dumb and stupid”
            “you’re a troll”

            you’re honestly an idiot if you think these somehow mean the same thing.

            JFC /facedesk

          • MightyNo1

            Ppl who troll others on the internet are dumb and stupid. Don’t worry I got it! lol. If other ppl are reading these posts like I am and getting a kick outta it, you better believe how pathetic and embarrassing you look! At least the other guys posts make sense. Too bad he doesn’t have to sense to stop talking to you! haha

          • Jude Mathis

            I’m glad to see that somebody else can clearly see how it wasn’t an official confirmation, but what are you talking about when you call me crazy? I was just trying to talk some sense into this guy, but it ended up just being a huge waste of my time. How’s it childish to try talking some sense into somebody who’s obviously ignorant to being objective and unbiased?

            It’s cool how you at least saw his ridiculously long post that didn’t go through and called him out on it, but why did you have to talk badly about me when I’m just trying to help him understand the logical perspective of this matter?

          • MightyNo1

            You’re C-R-A-Z-Y!! I agree with everything you said, but you’re taking this way too seriously bcuz he’s just a dumb and stupid idiot. He’s obviously trollin you, my man. Have you ever been on the internet before? lol. These kinds of ppl are everywhere online and you should just ignore them so that ppl like me don’t have something to laugh about. I’m not complaining though, just letting you know! lol.

            Yeah, i know he had some and maybe a few that didn’t make it bcuz you were replying to his later posts like something was missing from his side. I’m telling you again hes just trollin you, so ignore the fool before you spent the rest of your life replying back to him! haha

          • Jude Mathis

            Honestly, I do feel like I’ve wasted way too much time on this subject, but I was just trying to help him understand the difference between his assumptions and actual official confirmations by Nintendo! I guess it’s my fault for believing that he wasn’t a troll.

            I’m going to ignore all of your little insults towards me, but thanks for at least seeing this from a logical perspective and agreeing with the rest of us! That’s all I ever wanted when I started talking to him.

          • MightyNo1

            Whatever man! I’m just trying to help you out here! Stop wasting your breathe on this troll. lol. He will just keep going till you give up! He’s a pathetic waste of internet space! Don’t keep feeding trolls!! You guys are just making it entertaining for the rest of us!! haha

          • Domingo Cardona

            “entertaining” says the guy literally trying too hard lmao.

            “b-but I’m n-not mad g-g-guize! I-I’m j-just entertaining myself!”

          • MightyNo1

            Cool story bro! Keep on roleplaying if that makes you feel cooler ya loser! lol.

          • Jude Mathis

            Wow, what a joke! I like how you tried to make me seem stupid when you’re just ignoring the fact that your ridiculously long reply didn’t get past the moderation approval. Nice try! Lol.

            Anybody who reads these posts wouldn’t believe how oblivious you are to facts and reason! Several people including myself have already tried to explain to you the error in your way of thinking, but some things are just impossible. It seems like it would be so easy to help you understand such a clear and simple matter as this one, but apparently I was wrong!

            I’d like to hope that you would reply back with some actual knowledge and common sense, but that seems like something that will never happen. Do yourself a favor and don’t reply back, but If you’d like to reply back and get the last word, I guess that wouldn’t be too surprising!

            I’m officially out of this conversation, if you’d even call it that. I will no longer reply since it’s clearly a lost cause. I wish you all the best and I do hope that you were just pretending to be this dense and foolish. At this point, I think even a troll would be ashamed and embarrassed at continuing to ignore the most important fact that made me even start talking to you.

            Bottom line: It wasn’t an official confirmation. End of story…

          • Domingo Cardona

            “I like how you tried to make me seem stupid when you’re just ignoring
            the fact that your ridiculously long reply didn’t get past the
            moderation approval.”

            sooo you can’t “win” so you want to make up random information and pull it out of your bum? because I haven’t had a “awaiting moderation post” for a while now, but it seems you’re getting too butthurt over video games when the entire point of this was that you make assumptions just because “lol 10 second video”.

            Bottom line: you’re taking this WAY too seriously on the internet and you should feel ashamed of yourself. also this stopped being a “conversation” the second you said “OMFG YOU CURSED ME OUT” when all I did was throw out one curse that wasn’t even directed at you. lol seriously calm down and take a chill pill you’re not doing anything prolific by staying here arguing over the internet when my pre-previous post already said I was done trying to argue since you don’t even bother reading.

            now let’s see you turn into a hypocrite and come back to this “conversation” that you’re supposedly “out” from just because you want the last word…I’m waiting.

          • Jude Mathis

            Oh boy, I guess you just want to ignore everything that’s actually happened and start making stuff up to make yourself look better! I wasn’t going to reply back to you, but I just had to clear some things up since you wanted to be dishonest and disingenuous about this whole thing. By the way, I just noticed that one of the guys who was also trying to tell you that it wasn’t an official confirmation by Nintendo was a moderator. I bet he’s the one who had to read all of your ridiculous posts and decide whether or not to approve some of them. Lol.

            1. Two of your posts have been awaiting moderation approval over these past few weeks and at least one of them has failed to make it through. Stop lying…

            2. I never said that you cursed me out, I said you cursed at me. Again, please stop lying. I already explained what the difference was between the two and said that you only used one curse word and it was just to describe what you were saying, so what’s your point? Are you just going to ignore the fact that I had already cleared that up in one of my other posts? I’m just trying to be accurate right now.

            3. Will you please stop replying back to me if I say that you win? You’re clearly wrong about this whole thing, but will it satisfy you if I just lie and say that you’re right? Lol. You’re taking this way too seriously when you start making stories up and lying instead of just telling the truth and using logic and reason to see this whole thing objectively and with a different perspective other than your own. What’s the point in continuing to talk to you when you’re beyond help?

            Once again, no matter what you say, it wasn’t an official confirmation. That’s all I’ve ever said about this matter. End of story…

          • Domingo Cardona

            lol I didn’t think you’d ACTUALLY be a hypocrite and post again just to get the last word…this is just sad and pathetic and this point and it seems to reinforce everything I thought about you was correct.

            now I just feel sorry for you.

          • MightyNo1

            OMG!! This is just too funny! It’s amazing what kind of ppl you see on internet forums! WOW!! The irony of your post is killing me!! haha.

          • Domingo Cardona

            this is a forum? this isn’t a news article with a comments section? /facedesk

            your exclamation key must be destroyed to oblivion by now jfc.

          • MightyNo1

            I hope you bang your face into that desk hard enough to stop talking like a moron! I can deal without having to see you roleplaying your actions in every one of your replies like a lame weirdo! lol.

            Your insults and comebacks are top notch! You must feel so cool acting like an idiot ove the internet..smh

            I mean seriously? Who makes fun of ppl online for using the exclamation point? So dumb and pathetic, not like i was expecting anything else from you! haha.

          • Domingo Cardona


            but I find it funny you want to act like you’re “amused” by me with your pretend laughs but here you are throwing an essay my way.

            stay mad

          • MightyNo1

            If you write replies twice as long as mine i know you’re not telling me my posts are too long to read. We both know you read them! LMAO!!

            Nice to see you actually not roleplaying in a post for once! Guess I got to the poor drama queen troll! lol.

            Stay dumb/stupid/pathetic/embarrassing/etc. Way too many negative adjectives to list! lol.

          • Domingo Cardona

            “If you write replies twice as long as mine”

            my post: 1 statement, 1 sentence, 1 insult
            your post I replied to: an entire paragraph that looks like an essay.

            lol okay.


            those seem like your favorite buzzwords. do you know any other words? or is that all you can literally say?

            I love how all this time you want to keep acting amused but you keep replying so much. shows how much you care lmao.

            “lol I know you read it!”

            might want to loosen that tinfoil hat guy, dem gubments ain’t gon getcha!

          • MightyNo1

            Did I say I was talking about your last post? I’ve never met a troll so stupid! lol. Like you wanna ignore all most of your long posts and talk about one of the few that are short! Must really care about looking bigger than anybody who thinks you’re idiotic, which is everybody btw. lol.

            And you say the post you replied to looks like an essay? That would be the shortest one I’ve ever seen! Where did you go to school? lol. I hope you’re not a little kid bcuz i might feel kinda bad for putting you in your place! haha.

            I use those same words just in case you can’t understand the bigger ones. You know, bcuz you’re dumb/stupid/pathetic! See what I did there?

            It’s just fun to call you out for being a moron! That Jude guy might have cared about helping you understand things, but I just want to make fun of your stupid posts!

            Trolls usually know what’s right and wrong and just act stupid on purpose, but maybe you aren’t a troll. Maybe you’re actually that dumb where you don’t realize it. Get some help for that!

            I thought you were going to prove a point to me about the roleplaying but i should’ve known a drama queen like you couldn’t last without bringing it back into your posts. Must make you feel so cool. lol.

            Maybe you’ll actually understand what everybody’s saying if we roleplay instead of talking back to you! lol.

          • Domingo Cardona

            jesus christ take a chill pill and stop replying with essays lmao you’re taking this WAY up the wazoo and this didn’t even begin with you lmao.

            wth? you just butt into this conversation out of nowhere and now YOU’RE the one being butthurt. this is just ridiculous.

            “Unless that Jude guy replies back to you in the next few days”

            guess you need “daddy’s” permission to post? lol pathetic

          • Jude Mathis

            Stop replying back to me! It’s like talking to a brick wall at this point, so please just drop the whole thing. You obviously never intended on being anything other than ridiculous, so I give up. It’s like talking to a little kid who doesn’t know what they are talking about and just acts up to annoy the adult and drive him crazy!

            It’s just becoming a joke for people like MightyNo1 anyways, so let’s just end things right now. Go ahead and feel sorry for me if that helps you continue to ignore the facts and all reasoning on the matter. At least it’s better than you straight up lying about things.

            If God exists, he’s got his hands tied with you. I wish you all the best in the future since it doesn’t look too bright with the way you act. Hopefully you get some sense knocked into you someday…

          • Domingo Cardona

            “Stop replying back to me! It’s like talking to a brick wall at this point”

            brick walls don’t talk back.

            “You obviously never intended on being anything other than ridiculous,”

            says the guy who keeps replying to say “stop replying!” instead of just ignoring it, just because you want the last word for some odd reason.

            “so I give up”

            I call Bull crap considering you’ll reply to this too.

            “It’s like talking to a little kid who doesn’t know what they are talking
            about and just acts up to annoy the adult and drive him crazy!”

            says the guy who started, and kept, this entire argument going for how long? taking it so seriously as to go “hurrr YOU CURSED AT ME!” and arguing the semantics of what “cursing at me” and “cursing me out” means. you should stop you’re not making yourself look any better.

            “It’s just becoming a joke for people like MightyNo1 anyways”

            I find it funny you care what random idiots on the internet think. “OMG he’s laughing at me guize let’s just stop plz”. wasn’t aware this we were still in high school.

            “If God exists, he’s got his hands tied with you. I wish you all the best
            in the future since it doesn’t look too bright with the way you act.
            Hopefully you get some sense knocked into you someday…”

            /facepalm WOW…you’ve achieved a new level of pathetic with this. this is just sad and you’re taking it WAY too personal and serious than I had previously thought. Jesus Christ man get some therapy or get off the internet for a month because you don’t seem mentally stable right now.

          • MightyNo1

            And you were telling me TL;DR lol.

            Such a roleplaying drama queen who can only act tough online! The very definition of a troll! haha.

          • MightyNo1

            Hey Jude! Hope you read this before replying back to this guy and realize it’s pointless! If you want to keep the rest of us entertained though, i won’t complain about you continuing to embarrass this guy! Just trying to help you out. lol.

          • MightyNo1

            Man i can’t wait to read your long reply back at this troll! Maybe you learned to just not reply, or maybe not but at least you’ll still be making this idiot look stupid if you do! I think he’s just a little kid so i wouldn’t be surprised if he never stopped replying back! Just saying again that it’s a waste of time trying to educate trolls! lol.

          • Domingo Cardona

            also please stop telling me that I’m “taking this seriously” when your text posts are getting too long and you want to keep replying me just to “correct” me.

            are you being serious right now? can you BE more pathetic?

          • MightyNo1

            LOLOLOL you’re calling him pathetic?! Keep on trollin!! haha

          • Domingo Cardona

            calm down guy you’re riding him a bit too hard now.

          • MightyNo1

            Dang it makes you sound like you’re into that kinda stuff since you keep bringing it up! I’m not judging so don’t worry. Seriously though how old are you troll? I hope you’re just a kid and not some adult who tries acting all tough online. Your immaturity is really showing all over these comments! lol.

  • JaidynReiman

    I’m mixed right now. I like the iconic characters together, I’m just worried about some of the characters I was expecting (mainly due to Gematsu). But at this point, if they’ve done all this effort giving even frickin’ Mii’s their own moveset, but Ganondorf isn’t given his own moveset, I’m going to be PISSED. We’ll have to see.