Nintendo Enthusiast interviewed Matt Ryan of Nintendo from the E3 show floor about Tecmo Koei’s stunning spin-off title, Hyrule Warriors, and about Nintendo’s new strategy for E3 2014. In the interview, Mr. Ryan stated that while Nintendo is not developing Hyrule Warriors, with a franchise as precious as The Legend of Zelda franchise they will always be involved to a certain extent. He was sure that at least Eiji Aonuma was involved in the creative process for the game and had some input. Mr. Ryan also stated that Nintendo is very proud of this game, and that news would be revealed about Hyrule Warriors throughout the week. He also spoke about how we saw things in the game that we’ve never seen before, such as Zelda opening a chest, and a much more mature-looking Zelda, which seems to be inspired by Zelda’s Twilight Princess look.

When asked about Zelda’s look in the new Zelda title for Wii U, he was hesitant to speak about it, only saying that we didn’t see much of her in the trailer. The Nintendo representative was also asked that if Zelda’s Hyrule Warriors appearance was indicative of us seeing more of her as a heroine in future Zelda games, and his only answer was that if she can do in the mainline games what she can do in Hyrule Warriors combat-wise, she can kick some serious butt. Does this mean a Legend of Zelda title will come where Zelda is a playable character in the main series? We’ll have to wait and see about that!

Nintendo’s E3 strategy was also touched on in the interview. Treehouse Live at E3 will be the platform that Nintendo will use to talk about the new games they’ve shown and release information throughout the week about everything that’s being shown on the show floor, so Mr. Ryan implores fans to stay tuned! He also talked about how some years are hardware years and other years focus on specific platforms, such as the 3DS a few years ago, and that this year is clearly dedicated to the Wii U and its software. With all of the 2015 titles shown, this clearly shows Nintendo’s commitment to the platform for the foreseeable future. Going forward into 2016, 2017 though? Who knows. The interview also included some other interesting tidbits about other games being shown as well, so make sure to check it out in full below.