Ever since Hyrule Warriors was initially announced back in November 2013, many fans have been wondering about whether or not the game will be considered part of the official franchise canon, and if it has a place in the famous Zelda timeline. In a Game Informer interview, Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that Hyrule Warriors will not be part of the main franchise, and the game does not have a place in the Zelda timeline.

“Within the Zelda canon, there is the timeline, but there has always been the sense of the main story and kind of a side story” Aonuma said. “With Hyrule Warriors, there is a link between the two, but it exists as a separate dimension, so it doesn’t exist as part of the main canon.” Aonuma compared Hyrule Warriors to The Avengers in the sense that the game is a crossover between different characters from throughout the Zelda series and multiple timelines.

Game Informer further questioned Aonuma, and asked him if Hyrule Warriors could fit anywhere in the existing timeline. Aonuma states that, “The universe of Hyrule Warriors really is sort of a different universe and it is connected to the timeline of the Zelda series, but it is connected to several different games throughout the series.” He feels that the game doesn’t fit into the timeline since it incorporates elements from games in the series that take place during different segments of the overall Zelda timeline.

Be sure to check out Game Informer for the full interview with Aonuma.