Nintendo has announced an officially licensed GameCube controller adapter for the Wii U. This is not the new GameCube-inspired “Fight Pad” controller that was announced a week ago, but rather a device that allows classic GameCube controllers to be used with a Wii U system. The only confirmed, compatible Wii U title for the device is Smash Bros. 4, but it can be assumed the GameCube controller can be used with some Virtual Console titles.

At the end of a promotional video for the E3 Super Smash Bros. Invitational, Nintendo sneaked in a few glimpses of the devices, which appears to utilize both USB ports on the front of the Wii U. It is unclear why the adapter uses both ports rather than just one.

Judging by their tweet, Nintendo plans on selling the device to the public; however, a price has not yet been announced.

You can watch the unveiling of the adapter at the end of the video below.

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  • Shawn Taylor

    This is the best news ever.

  • Nomoredeadcops

    I’m guessing a $19.99 price tag.

    • john johsnon

      Another $23.01 will get you the WaveDash. Give it a google, or check My earlier post. It’s a great idea.

  • Nathanael Noll

    I wonder if they will make it compatible with other games…. Maybe even with regular Wii games.

    • doubleO7

      It will probably be compatible with at least Classic/Pro controller games.

      • john johsnon

        I highly doubt that it will function as anything but a GameCube controller. I believe that this will function as the GameCube ports on the Wii did. If you want a Pro GameCube controller, then checkout the WaveDash:
        It’s the best third party option for the Pro. Let’s get it funded.

  • zigzagoon


    • Rockman82

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they bundled it with the game. My Gamecube controller is still in nice condition, but it would be really awesome to have a new one. Especially with that Smash logo on it.

  • Vladislak

    Are they also selling those boss Gamecube controllers with the smash logo on them? My old Gamecube controllers have suffered a lot of wear and tear over time (they’re arguably the most used controllers in my house!).

    • Ryan Haynes

      I hope it’s bundled with the adapter

  • CEObrainz

    Well……all my fears were shattered with this announcement, can’t wait to buy that adapter….better yet, hope they bundle it with the game and a new pad.

  • Satan

    Dr. Peepee is going to DESTROY!

  • Skull Kid


  • dat guy


  • john johsnon

    This adapter is sweet, as is the PDP controller, but this: is also pretty sweet. I really believe in the WaveDash. I hate the official Pro controller, and the Nyko Pro Commander… just doesn’t cut it. I can’t even find the madcatz one that I’ve seen, but that one still has poor button placement. The WaveDash will function as a Wii U Pro controller, but it’ll be like using a GameCube one, making it much better for anyone that played tons of GC back in the day. I hope that others will see this and back it, because it’s awesome.

  • Michael Walton Jr.

    yes i new it. it just isnt smashbros. without the gamecube controller

  • DigitalBlawks

    I wonder if it’ll have memory card ports or something, in-case they announce GameCube VC games.

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