Hyrule Warriors is making several departures from the rest of Zelda series, from multiple playable characters to DLC. One thing that will stay the same, however, is the series’ lack of traditional voice acting for its characters, if a tweet from the official Japanese Hyrule Warriors account is to be understood.

A translation of the tweet provided by Nintendo Everything reads: “Each character’s voice is modeled after the Zelda universe. It will have that ‘Hey! Listen!’ kind of feeling.”

“Each character’s voice is modeled after the Zelda universe. It will have that ‘Hey! Listen!’ kind of feeling.”

In the past, the Zelda series has featured minimal voice acting, hardly more than a “hiya!” from Link or a laugh from an NPC. This tweet suggests that Hyrule Warriors will keep it that way, which should leave Zelda purists relieved, but might disappoint fans that are hoping to see the series make a leap into realism.

How do you feel about the lack of voice acting in Zelda games? Should the first HD Zelda game have realistic voice overs, or does that have no place in the land of Hyrule?

  • Joseph Halverson

    Isn’t the point of the characters, the main character specifically, not having a voice to make it so it feels more immersive for players? To make them feel as though THEY are taking on the villains of the land, saving the princess, and earning fantastic and mysterious boons?

    • VladNorris

      Heavily depends on the game. Snake from Metal Gear Solid talks a LOT(wether you like or not the series it‘s up to you yet irrelevant. The series is important to gaming history).

    • Talmor

      Heavily depends on the player. Although Nintendo follows that idea, voice acting doesn’t make a game less or not immersive for me to play, personally.

      • Schwartz Ichenbachen

        I feel like it would break immersion if you mashed the A button to get through dialogue, and the characters were saying small parts of sentences, but being cut off abruptly.

        • Domingo Cardona

          chances are 100% of the time, if you’re mashing the A button to “get through dialogue” then you really don’t care for immersion as you’re not even taking in the dialogue in the first place.

          • Schwartz Ichenbachen

            By that I meant unimportant dialogue that I’ve already read before. I can still be immersed in a game even if I don’t pay super close attention to small things that I already know about and that don’t matter. I’m not talking about deep, important cutscenes (I would still hate voice acting in those), I’m talking about any random line that some random NPC says.

    • Mr.Sixes

      The thing about Zelda that always stuck out to me is it’s heavily implied in every game since OoT that Link speaks we just don’t hear it. (He tells Zelda about the great deku, Ruto about her father’s request and so on)

      • Domingo Cardona

        Glad a LoZ fan understands this. I was starting to get worried for a second that people actually believed Link was a mute or something.

      • Daniel Ireland

        Exactly. People respond as though Link talks to them but we don’t hear it. Adds to the whole, “Link is supposed to be you” thing. You just imagine how you would have responded.

    • Domingo Cardona

      “so it feels more immersive for players?”

      I want you to explain to me how having a character that just stands and stares when people talk to him makes the game more immersive…go ahead I’ll wait.

      also FYI Link isn’t a mute he speaks to the characters in the game so he HAS a voice. I don’t understand why LoZ fans don’t know this if they’re fans considering in the game’s dialogue you’ll always see NPCs react to link like an episode of lassy or something “what’s that link? little saria fell down the well?”

    • Purgis

      Link’s personality is supposed to be vague, so many different people can relate to him. But you can pick up on things. It depends on the incarnation, but Link tends to be brave and fearless, he will go out of his way to help others, is rather calm and laid-back (sometimes bordering on lazy) but gets furious if someone tries to hurt his friends and does anything to stop it. This you learn partly from his actions, partly from the way other people talk to him and about him.

  • DarkFennec

    I think that, at least for this series, it should’ve had voice acting, especially due to the fact you’re not only going to play as Link. There’s Impa and quite possibly the ability to play from the Villain’s perspectives, considering this is a Warriors-esque game.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the traditional grunts from the cast, but c’mon. If you’re gunna make a spin-off series, at least go full on out with being different.

    • Ian Ortegon

      If they did this completely different from the other zelda games, the real zelda fans would know this is not a real zelda game. The only zelda in it are the characters, I know there are treasure chests in this game aswell, but that is not really an original zelda thing (you can find treasure chests in many other games) unless of course you want to discuss the items in them.

      My point is, they have to keep some key points so that LoZ fans will still buy this with the idea that it could be a good but still loyal spin-off. I personally don’t like this game because i have seen other games with the same gameplay and I find them quite boring. LoZ series characters won’t make that difference

  • Arya

    Personally if they ever consider voice acting it’d make more sense that the creators of Zelda get first dibs at producing it. Maybe this team didn’t want to give off the idea that they can make a “better” Zelda and/or potentionally insult Nintendo.

  • Santiago

    I enjoy voiceless mario and zelda, I think that sonic sounds super lame with voice acting, so no

  • asdfg

    I honestly think the next Zelda should have voice acting. I was playing SS the other day and noticed how silly the characters look with their mouths moving but no sound coming out of it. Of course, it should be extremely well done.

  • CEObrainz

    I would have liked to see voice acting, but I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit longer for that Zelda with proper VA work.

  • zigzagoon

    I’ve never liked voice acting in video games so I’m hoping the Zelda series will remain voiceless in all it’s run. But voice acting might just be foreign to me since all the games I played since I was younger didn’t have voice acting, excluding Super Mario Sunshine.

    • Schwartz Ichenbachen

      And at that, didn’t Sunshine only have voice acting in cutscenes (Aside from isolated words, like FLUDD saying “Mario” during gameplay)?

      Just out of curiosity, is Sunshine your favorite Mario game? It’s definitely my favorite of the series!

      • zigzagoon

        Yes, actually! Sunshine, Paper Mario, and Mario 64 are my favourite mario games.

    • Vonter

      It’s a different storytelling technique. Words have weight, doesn’t matter the lack of sound. However acting and delivery can add depth to a scene, but also it can makes thing awkward like making the flaws in dialogue more jarring.

      I think there’s a chance for trying but I also don’t see VA being the rule but the choice of the game maker.

  • Trinosaur

    I’m fine with no voice-acting. As long as the story is compelling and the gameplay engaging. It adds too much room for failure, where one character’s weird voice could throw you off. It’d be too risky to try to have voice-acting… you could end up with some really really awful dubs. We don’t want another Other M. No thank you!

  • heroofmasks

    i say stick witn no va to me and most ive known when they play zelda its like there living the adventure and reading a book voice acting would take it from reading a good book to listening to a book on tap/cd and thats not as good

  • JaidynReiman

    Considering Zelda’s bad history with bad spinoff games and voice acting, this isn’t too surprising, and frankly, I’m fine with that. Maybe one day Zelda games can start to get more voice acting, but they’d need to take it very carefully. This isn’t the place to start.

  • Strangepie

    i want voice acting but they should wait for zelda wii u the ‘perfect zelda game’ because to me voice acting will make it even better, but thats just me.

  • Mr.Sixes

    The franchise needs voice acting, Link however should have moments where he speaks verbosely OFF SCREEN! His on screen stuff should be like “Excuse me” “Hi there” “Watch out!”

  • Link58

    I think that they should make everyone have a voice but link

  • Domingo Cardona

    It’s different for everyone, but IMO at least for THIS game it should have been okay to give Link a voice and speak, since LINK TALKS and isn’t a mute character. Any LoZ fan will tell you this as there’s many dialogue from NPCs that interact with Link that pretty much make it obvious he’s speaking to them.

    This game would have been perfect to give Link a voice considering it’s not an official LoZ game so if they screwed it up somehow, no harm no foul considering the main LoZ devs had nothing to do with it.

    • Marco

      It’s not about the fact that Link talks or not, but how you interpret his dialogue. For exemple, even the most expressive Link from Wind Waker could be interpreted in different ways dependind on how you would like him to be, either as a goofy hero, a sassy one or even just a silly kid playing around.
      Personally, I never saw myself as Link, but I aways interpret each link in a different way depending on the context involved- I see TP’s Link as a traditional anime-esque knight, being naturally strong from his time as a farmer, while I see OoT Link as a kid that just wants to fit in the world he’s born in as he spent his entire childhood as the boy without a fairy just before being throw in a quest to save the world.
      And those are just my interpretation, I’m sure you and everyone else here has it’s own version.
      I don’t want to see VA in a Zelda Game -even if it’s a spin off- because it would take that away.
      I suppose it wouldn be as bad if they keep Link as in-game-mute and gave voice acting to everyone else as long as they allowed us to change it to the typical sounds npc’s made in the series on the options, like being able to change dubs in most recent games.
      (Sorry if I made any mistakes, English isn’t my first language)

  • entarotassadar

    I want voice acting with everyone including Link.

  • Deva Ashera

    Personally, I think that Zelda should get voice acting..but have them speak a fictional language..like have a language expert help create an entire Hyrulian Language for the Characters to Speak.
    It adds in realism by having them speak in a tongue we can hear, but one that is securely grounded in fantasy and would allow them to keep the Japanese voice actors.

  • Dom Spizzirri

    I can’t help but say I’m okay with the characters never getting voices. They can give literally every other Ninendo character a voice, let’s keep everyone from Zelda and Mario silent. I think it adds a lot more personality to the worlds and characters.