Welcome to Music Monday! Zelda music is in the hearts and minds of us all, and Memorial Day can remind us of loss and the need for healing more than any other day; something I know Zelda music helps me with on a daily basis. All the soldiers who fought and even died in defense of the safety of our world can even cause us to reminisce about a gaming series such as The Legend of Zelda; that’s what makes it so special. Today we have two special pieces picked out that cause us to take a pause and reminisce about those who gave their lives for the freedom we are able to enjoy today.

Alex’s Pick

The Song of Healing is central to the plot and gameplay of Majora’s Mask, and some of the most memorable scenes from the game occur when the song is used. A beautiful piano cover by kylelandry showcases the broad pallet of emotions that the piece evokes. His cover of the Song of Healing definitely conveys the sorrow and sadness that is associated with the song, but it also conveys a sense of hope and redemption. Oh, and he even manages to incorporate a bit of Saria’s Song (which is musically quite similar to the Song of Healing actually, but definitely more upbeat) and Zelda’s Lullaby into the cover!

Morgan’s Pick

Ocarina of Time is considered, by many, as the greatest game of all time. The ending music is superb, to say the least. This wonderful cover, by FamilyJules7X, combines both the guitar and an Ocarina to produce the beautiful and memorable ending to Ocarina of Time. I know as a child I would listen to it non-stop and it meant the world to me, so with that, I present to you Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Ending Theme Guitar Cover by FamilyJules7X.