Since the reveal of Impa as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, it seems appropriate to feature some Impa fan art this week. VegaColors from DeviantArt created a beautiful portrait of Skyward Sword’s Impa. She’s such a strong character, not just physically but mentally. I love the wistful look in her eyes in this picture. When the world is a total wreck, she remains stoic for the sake of everyone else, even though inside, she’s screaming.


  • CEObrainz

    Stand tall, stand strong is what I see in this image and its rightfully represented in the character. I like the soft colours used in this and the way the light hits Impa is wonderful too.

  • Elizabeth Cruz


  • Trinosaur

    Impa’s charaacter design in Skyward Sword is by far my favorite! Absolutely beautiful. <3