The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed Hyrule Warrior‘s release date in Japan as August 14. Thanks to some users on NeoGAF, we now also know new details of the game itself, and its development.

Development and pricing

Firstly, we now know that Team Ninja are working with Omega Force on the game. Hisashi Koinuma and Yosuke Hayasahi are the producers, with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma supervising.

Translators also salvaged some approximate prices for the game’s releases in Japan (apparently the magazine wasn’t too clear on these, so these may not end up being completely accurate). The retail version will be at least 7,000 yen, the eShop release at around 6,000 yen, and a “premium box” will be available for at least 10,000 yen. According to Ameblo, this premium box contains a Triforce-shaped tabletop clock and six serial codes for special costumes.

With development at 70% completion, the game has been confirmed as playable at E3.

Story, characters and gameplay

As for the plot? Link is a soldier-in-training tasked with rescuing Princess Zelda. Zelda has been kidnapped by an evil witch named Shia — who has been reportedly “turned evil”, possibly suggesting she may not have been villainous at some point.

A two-player mode is included, with one player using the GamePad screen and the other using the TV. When playing alone, the GamePad acts as a menu. Different weapons can be equipped, each with varying speeds, strength and abilities. Weapons and characters can also be upgraded.

The Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay is combined with Zelda‘s traditional Z-targeting, enabling the player to easily avoid attacks and focus on the enemy’s weak spots. Bombs won’t just be used for use in combat — perhaps there’ll be puzzles, or at least hidden areas behind cracked walls?

Impa is a playable character, captain of the Royal Army and wielder of a giant sword. No other playable characters have been confirmed yet, but Aonuma was “surprised” at how many have been included.

Link’s traditional sword spin attack has been replaced with Dynasty Warriors‘ “Musou” attack.

Screenshots and artwork

There’s your information fix, now to feast your eyes on some new images from Famitsu’s website. These are mostly screenshots, with a new piece of artwork of Link.

Here’s the man, with his fancy new scarf:

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu image 1
Here he is in what looks like a cutscene:

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu image 2

And in action:

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu image 3

Here is the evil witch Shia, a new character and villain:

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu image 4

And this appears to be one of her minions. Possibly a boss fight?

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu image 5

Update: Additional information, magazine scans

Some new information has surfaced from Ameblo (thanks to translation from Nintendo Everything): a “Treasure Box” will also be available on both Amazon and Tecmo Koei’s online store GameCity. There are “no details” on what exactly this is yet, but it sounds like it’s a separate thing to the “premium box”.

In the magazine’s interview with Koinuma, Hayashi and Aonuma, they mention that there will be “unexpected playable characters” according to another translator at NeoGAF. Add this with the aforementioned quote about Aonuma being surprised at the number of characters, and it seems possible that we’ll be seeing many exciting additions to the playable roster.

Most importantly, however, is that Twitter user ExeForce87 has scans of the entire Hyrule Warriors Famitsu coverage. They show more artwork of Impa, Shia and more. I imagine the other screenshots from these pages will surface online soon enough.

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu scan 1

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu scan 2

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu scan 3

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu scan 4

Hyrule Warriors Famitsu scan 5