Zelda fans never cease to amaze me with their artistic abilities. Erika Clark is a talented artisan who specializes in making Zelda props. Her DeviantArt gallery Xiphias-Apomixis showcases crafts from Zelda‘s Nintendo 64 era. Using an assortment of acrylic paints, clay, gloss and sealant, she crafted a Keaton mask from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask onto a cardboard and duct tape mold.


Her other wearable prop is the Bunny Hood. This is adorable and I would totally wear it at a convention. It’s made from a two-inch thick headband, fleece, wire, a couple of buttons and tacky glue. Do note that when wearing the Bunny Hood, improvements in running and jumping may vary from person to person.

bunny hood

Lastly, she brings us the Lens of Truth. This one really shows off her resourcefulness. The lens is actually the glass dome of a clock! One could argue that she chose to use parts from a clock as some sort of metaphorical representation regarding time and truth. Chances are though, that she’s just creative and clever, but keep that in mind next time you need to write some sort of philosophical essay. The rest of the piece is made from wood, acrylic paint, glass beads and hot glue.

lens of truth

Both the Lens of Truth and Bunny Hood are available for sale on Etsy.