“Waiting for the Dawn” is a hauntingly beautiful musical retelling of perhaps the most tragic Zelda game, Majora’s Mask. The two-part EP is composed and directed by Berklee College of Music graduate, Rozen. Joining him is the Audire Soundtrack Choir and featured soloist, Reven.

The orchestrations are flawless, and I absolutely love the vocals, especially the romantic, Disney-esque melodies in Part II. What sets this project apart from so many others is the clear story it delivers. The music carries such emotion, you don’t even have to know the story of Majora’s Mask to understand it.

“The Predicament of the Four,” Part I of the EP, depicts the final moments of Termina. Rather than sounding like total death and destruction, it takes on a more sombre, pensive tone. Link plays Oath to Order, summoning the Four Giants in hopes of saving the naive Clock Town from its terrible fate.


Part II, “We Shall Greet the Morning…Together,” opens with the ticking of the clock. This piece starts off softly, as it celebrates the tender love between Anju and Kafei. The music gradually builds, reflecting the passion shared by the couple who vow to stay together, no matter what. For a moment, there is nothing else in the world but their love for each other. Sadly, reality sets back in, but Anju and Kafei stand strong, knowing that whatever happens, they’ll face it together.

Both songs are available for download, free of charge. “Waiting for the Dawn” is simply outstanding — I could definitely see it evolving into a complete, four movement symphony. I hope to hear more from Rozen in the future!