Have you ever imagined our favorite princess crossing over into the Pokemon Universe? Deviantart user Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule gives us an idea of how it might look. As the chosen guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom, it’s only fitting that she train the psychic Pokemon, Espeon. Plus, any royalty knows the importance of coordinating her accessories with her outfit, and Espeon’s lilac fur perfectly complements her violet dress and sun hat.

zelda pokemon full

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  • CEObrainz

    The colours really work here, nothing too harsh yet keeping a definitive look for Zelda. I can’t think of any other Pokémon than Espeon that would be perfect for Zelda….

  • unknownperson

    For a second I thought that was Edea from Bravely Default except with different color hair ._.

  • HyruleHistory10

    Very nice!

  • True Davad

    I actually saw this on Deviant Art a long time ago. Didn’t realize it was that Noteworthy, but I am noticing more of the details I like now that I am seeing it on Zelda Universe. It is a lot cooler than I realized back then.