If you’ve been following with the Operation Moonfall news of late on Zelda Universe, you might know the name Lyndon Willoughby rather well by now. He led the popular Kickstarter poster campaign, chatted to us in an exclusive interview, and has now launched new projects for the Majora’s Mask remake supporters. Clearly being a fan of the dark Zelda title and a talented artist, it’s no surprise that he would continue to produce more art based on the game — what is surprising, though, is just how great these appear.

Unlike the previously seen posters, these are not Moonfall-themed, but just a personal project Willoughby decided to pursue. He is selling two brand new prints over on his store; one based on Link’s Hero Shield and Kokiri Sword, and the other a tribute to the Mirror Shield and Razor Sword. The intricate detail is excellent.

Each print is $50 each, or $90 together (plus $15 shipping). They are 14×24 inches, and each design is limited to 75 copies. Prints are planned to go into production in June, with a late July delivery window.

If you’re a Majora’s Mask fan, remember to check out Moonfall’s latest projects and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with the group’s progress, and you might even be in with a chance of winning some great prizes. At the time of writing, there are plenty of spaces open for Happy Mask Campaign submissions.