timeless_haven_logo_20Zelda Universe has been hard at work for years to create a full-fledged 2D Zelda fangame tentatively called Timeless Haven. We’ve released a few downloads in the past and we’re nearing the release of a Beta Demo but we need your help to get there!


Many talented people have put their hand on this project, few as vital as our main programmer Khao who recently got a new full-time job at an indie game developer studio. As such, he won’t be able to devote as much time to the game. The good news is that the engine he made from scratched called “Timeless Engine” is almost complete and has been ported to the Game Maker Studio which will enable us to release the Beta Demo as well as the full game on multiple platforms, something which wasn’t previously an option. Now all that remains is some finishing touches of the engine and then we’re off to assembling the game as it’s been designed on paper.

That’s where you come in! We need talented people with a passion for Zelda that want to help us build this game. First and foremost, we need programmers in Game Maker Studio plus graphic artists/spriters to implement all the content into the game itself. Anyone who’s interested in helping us out should read through the application post here. As part of our team, you’ll get to work with other passionate Zelda fans as we make designs, sprites, music and soon the Beta Demo. You get to set your own weekly deadlines and work at your own pace, though a few hours every week will be necessary as making a game doesn’t happen overnight, nor will it be easy, but we’re determined to make the best Zelda fan game out there.

Don’t believe us? You can find all available information about Timeless Haven, just download the demos and read the application details in the official forum thread. I think you’ll be impressed and see the potential of this work in progress and we hope to have the pleasure of working with some of you!

  • Billy Pariseau

    Does this include storyline cause then maybe i’ll help

  • Trevor Lovell

    I’m interested. It doesn’t sound like you’ll need somebody with my talents though. I would be able to help in Game/Level design, but it seems like that part of the process is over for you folks, but I am equally as passionate about Music composition and Sound Design if you want help in that.

    • We’re always interested in various positions even if we’re not actively searching for them, so check the thread linked in the article and maybe drop me an application.

  • Oleg

    I wish I could get into these game-related projects just like that. I’d imagine it being a really nice – albeit in no way easy – experience…

    Alas, I’ve got no skill regarding programming. Oh, and as for graphic design? *opens up paint.net* … nope! None of that either.

    Bah. :/ Oh wells.

    The artwork in the picture is a bit goofy, though.

  • CEObrainz

    I actually have some experience with various programming languages including Java, C#, Ruby, VB.Net and JavaScript. Whilst I’d love to give a helping hand I have other projects to work on. My abilities on sprites fall flat on epic levels…

  • Blay and Howlie

    Can I design an enemy? If Bulbul is in it, I want to sprite it.