Hyrule Warriors surprised us all upon it’s announcement, with Nintendo unprecedentedly handing over development to external developer Tecmo Koei for a new Zelda spin-off. In a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine UK, the company revealed that they also have their sights set on some other popular properties.

Vice President of Tecmo Koei, Hibashi Kinuma, stated, “Disney, Star Wars and Mario are just a few of the various franchises we’d like to work with.”

This is simply wishful thinking at this point, of course. Depending on the success of Hyrule Warriors, though, maybe Nintendo would consider allowing them to handle another of their franchises if Tecmo are as interested as they say. Right now all I can think about is some unnecessarily gritty Dynasty Warriors-style Mario game — blood will spill in the Mushroom Kingdom.

  • Your worries, dear author, are pretty much out of place. The Dynasty Warriors franchise, albeit being about warfare and slaughter, have never make use of “unnecessarily gritty” stuff.
    Not a single drop of blood has been spilled in eight DW games (visually speaking, of course) so I don’t see why should they start with the Zelda or Mario franchise.

    • Reece Heather

      Oh I know, it’s not a “worry” of mine — I just like to think of stupid game ideas and then share them publicly on a fan site. It’s a thing I do.

      • CEObrainz

        A Lightsaber wielding Mario on a Goomba hunting mission…sign me up!

      • Stupid games idea = personal opinion*
        Koei making unnecessarily gritty games out of other franchises = objectively wrong/biased statement

        *(conceptually/visually speaking) Hyrule Warriors > Wind Waker

        • Reece Heather

          Nowhere did I say that Tecmo Koei makes unnecessarily gritty games. I just said that I was imagining a gritty, serious Mario game made by them. As a joke. Also, even if that made-up “statement” did exist, where does “bias” come in to any of this?

          I don’t understand what your last sentence means; is that your opinion? If so, then good for you, even if (again) I don’t know what it has to do with anything.

          • “Nowhere did I say that Tecmo Koei makes unnecessarily gritty games. I just said that I was imagining a gritty, serious Mario game made by them. As a joke. Also, even if that made-up “statement” did exist, where does “bias” come in to any of this?”

            The bias is that you made a joke about a developing team (Omega Force) doing something they simply never did. I guess I fail to understand where the fun part is… if the same joke was about Nether Realm Studios I could get it, but why them ? Anyway, never mind. I played DW games for years so I might have gone a little too protective about it.

            “I don’t understand what your last sentence means; is that your opinion? If so, then good for you, even if (again) I don’t know what it has to do with anything.”

            Yes, it’s a personal opinion, and it has do to with the fact that (as a fan of Zelda) I think (or hope, at least) that this could actually benefit to the Zelda franchise more than Wind Waker (praised by many hard-core fans of the series as a masterpiece whose beauty only they can understand) did. If Hyrule Warriors gains success, the developers of the real Zelda franchise might decide to make another Twilight Princess-style game. A slightly more visually “darker” and serious Zelda (without gore and gritty stuff involved) that might appeal those who were turned away by the franchise after Wind Waker’s… “peculiar” take on Link’s adventures. Think about it.

          • Reece Heather

            Wrong again. “Doing something they simply never did”? No, I didn’t say they did anything. I said I imagined a scenario. There is literally no depth or implied message behind it beyond that. I know that Tecmo don’t just create senseless violence, but you could consider them more mature than your typical Nintendo game (if still very silly) what with the use of swords and weapons. So I took that idea to the extreme because it seemed amusing, but clearly it’s upset you for some reason.

            I have played and enjoyed Dynasty Warriors, and I don’t see why you think I’m biased against the series or the developer. So be protective of the franchise if you like, but no one here is attacking it in the first place. This conversation literally makes no sense, so I’m done with it.

          • So you basically replied to the part where I already admitted my own fault for being too over-protective over a joke and completely ignored the second one, where I was trying to imagine/offer the (possible) positive sides of Hyrule Warriors for the original franchise. All in all, I’m okay with that, too.

  • CEObrainz

    A Mario hack and slash game would change a lot of opinions about Nintendo and the Mario franchise. But only the Zelda and Fire Emblem series would seriously benefit from a cross over with Dynasty Warriors (in my opinion).

    • JaidynReiman

      Agreed, the only Nintendo franchises I can see that would work are Zelda and Fire Emblem. That’s exactly what I said when I first heard this announcement. Interesting.

      Granted, I could see it happening with Star Wars. Though of course, that’s not Nintendo. And Fire Emblem is a lot further from Dynasty Warriors than Zelda is, considering the fact that FE is a tactical RPG series; at least Zelda is action-based.

      • CEObrainz

        There’s another truth in that, but Fire Emblem has more characters that are fighters.

        • JaidynReiman

          Fire Emblem is built off of characters that are fighters, all the games are wars. That doesn’t mean that the Zelda series doesn’t have characters that could be made to fight, though. A ton of characters just haven’t ever been shown fighting, and this would be a great opportunity to be able to show off what other Zelda characters can do.

          Of course, the Fire Emblem series has more characters in general. Each game in the series is capable of filling a Dynasty Warriors roster on its own. Zelda would need to draw from a variety of games and maybe even then create a few new characters, too.

          I just hope that Hyrule Warriors doesn’t just create an entirely new roster as an early rumor indicated (and I doubt the legitimacy of the rumor anyway). I’d like to see some new characters, but also drawing on from characters from throughout the series.

          • CEObrainz

            That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Fire Emblem does indeed have the established base of characters to fill up a general Dynasty Warriors game. There would be a few unique characters but most would be similar.

            Zelda on the other hand has a chance of having most characters use their own unique move-set. It’s true that they would need to bring characters from across games, but that only makes it better, considering it’s a spin-off with no presumed ties to the main series.

            Regarding the rumor though, I think those “new” characters were just placeholders until the real Zelda ones were designed, animated, etc…

          • JaidynReiman

            The “rumor” blatantly indicated that the game was getting an all new cast with designs based on existing races, but new characters except for Link, Zelda, Impa, and Ganondorf, plus Zelda would have her Sheik alt again.

            So no, I don’t think it was intended to just be a placeholder. And I do hope that they bring characters in from a variety of games throughout the series. I certainly can’t see them skipping out on Malon, for example, as she’s a recurring character (“Romani,” whom is basically Malon except in name, uses a Bow, so Malon could be given a Bow as well).

            The Seven Sages? Each one is based on a specific element and can use powers based on that element. A character like Saria might be called into question, but nature is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

          • CEObrainz

            Ahh, it seems I may have heard a different rumor to you then. Those ideas seem fine though, as long as they are recognizable to an extent and have unique fun gameplay then I’m happy.

          • JaidynReiman

            Eh, I still think this would be a good opportunity to bring back characters from throughout the series rather than just create all-new characters. Creating all-new characters seems kind of pointless to me. Some new characters is fine, but a new cast, especially in a “non-canon” game, doesn’t make sense.

            I think another part of the rumor was that the game would include full voice acting except Link and that Link would be the only playable character in Story Mode.

          • CEObrainz

            A mixture of old and new characters is what the game would benefit most from.

            A Zelda with full voice acting that isn’t from the main series? That sounds really ironic for some reason, although a good story would make the game that much more worthwhile for me.

  • Amanda

    I would be totally okay with Zelda becoming a Disney princess. Imagine all the wonderful Zelink!

  • eByTech

    I’m not sure how that type of game would work for Mario, but for action games like Zelda and franchises like Star Wars, that could work

  • doubleO7

    Mario Warriors? …not sure I want that. Star Warriors/Dynasty Wars? Sign me up!

  • Calvin Loyal

    Star warriors. Make it happen tecmo.