Though only released yesterday, Sonic Lost World’s newest DLC has taken the gaming community by storm. This free additional content, as we reported a couple of days ago, gives players access to “The Legend of Zelda Zone”, which is essentially a version of Hyrule Field plus a dungeon, each altered to include game mechanics from both Lost World and The Legend of Zelda. 

Sonic Lost World Zelda DLC Crimson Loftwing

One of the first things you’ll notice is that rather than utilizing Rings as a health system, hearts are shown in the top-left corner. More hearts can be added by collecting Heart Containers in various treasure chests across the zone, exactly how you would in a normal Zelda game. Also, Rupees, which are found in abundance in this world, translate directly to animals (or Flickies, rather), shown by an icon found near your hearts. Because of this, the DLC is a great place to collect animals for the main game, as there are larger variety Rupees found later in the stage.

The detail in this level is phenomenal. The stage itself is very well done, but there are other touches that make it feel more like you’re really in Hyrule. One that happens quite often (but never in an intrusive way) is Skyward Sword Link flying down near you on the back of his Crimson LoftwingLink will wave or gesture to Sonic at various points throughout the stage, which not only adds to a sense of detail but openly acknowledges the fact that Sonic does not take Link’s place as the protagonist of the series — you simply play as Sonic in Link’s world.

Sonic Lost World Zelda Zone Crimson Loftwing Hyrule Field

On the more technical side of things, there are a few updates you must install to access this DLC. First, you must make sure the game’s update data is at version 4.0.0, which should be a 104MB download. Then, you can download the Zelda Zone, which should be a 71MB download. However, if you have not downloaded previous updates and DLC, you must do that first. 

For those of you who don’t have the DLC (or don’t have the game at all), enjoy these screenshots, concept images, and footage of the newest version of our favorite kingdom, Hyrule! If you’d like to see official trailers as well as a commentary video, you can find that here.

sonic lost world goron

sonic lost world dungeon concept

sonic lost world temple concept

sonic lost world stage concept

sonic lost world triforce shrine

sonic lost world cucco

sonic lost world climbing

sonic lost world heart container

Update: There is also a UK trailer for the downloadable content. (-Reece)