Hedgehogs may not be indigenous to Hyrule, but that doesn’t stop Sonic from donning a green tunic and racing through. The Legend of Zelda Zone is the newest free DLC for Wii U’s Sonic: Lost World.

The latest DLC mixes elements from both the Sonic and Zelda series. A heart meter replaces the rings that are traditionally collected in the Sonic games. Sonic uses his own attacks rather than brandishing the Master Sword and Hylian Shield; after all, only Link gets to use those. Explore a tube-style dungeon while Gorons roll about. Link himself even makes an appearance, soaring by on his Loftwing. It’s also important to note that Cuccos still don’t appreciate being attacked and will retaliate if provoked.

In the video below, Aaron Webber from Sega provides commentary, giving us further details on the newest Nintendo and Sega crossover.

Sonic: Lost World‘s Legend of Zelda Zone DLC is only available on the Wii U.