A Link Between Worlds has won the award for “Best Handheld/Mobile Game” at the 14th annual Game Developers Choice Awards. The awards were held during the Game Developers Conference, and honorable mentions for the category include Animal Crossing: New Leaf, 868-HACK, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Plants Vs. Zombies 2, The Room Two, and SteamWorld Dig. A Link Between Worlds also got an honorable mention in the “Game of the Year” and “Best Design” categories. Earlier this year, A Link Between Worlds won GameSpot’s 2013 Game of the Year award and has been met with critical acclaim from various media outlets.

The latest Zelda handheld has also been nominated for an award by GamesIndustry in their innovation awards, being nominated in the “Innovation in Game Design” category. Its fellow nominees are Tearaway; Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons; Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag; Papers, Please;The Stanley Parable; and Clumsy Ninja.

GamesIndustry states “Our Game Design award covers the fundamentals of game creation: anything which contributes to the end experience of the player. Not necessarily restricted to the realm of gameplay, art or UI, this award also includes areas as diverse as accessibility, control implementation, audio and enabling user­ generated content. The work of coders, character designers and creators of dialogue are all equally at home in this category.”

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With the amount of critical acclaim A Link Between Worlds has garnered, do you believe that this could lead into a new era for The Legend of Zelda franchise?