Morshu’s the kind of shopkeeper who’s more than happy to help you get what you need… as long as you have enough rubies. YouTuber Marquis of Edamamae wanted to bring this iconic CD-i character to life and began by recreating the costume:

“I spent some time fashioning a mustache that looked accurate … the vest is an actual vest, I added the yellow trim; the pants are modified slacks.”

He then decided to make a video to show off the costume. Instead of your average cosplayer-stands-still-while-the-camera-moves-around-them type of cosplay video, this one has a story that has Morshu being warped out of the animated world of the CD-i games and into real life.  While the purpose of the video may have been to show off the costume, his voice and impression of Morshu is quite, mmm… uncanny!