Nintendo SPD Producer Kensuke Tanabe has revealed some interesting information regarding some previously unused ideas in A Link to the Past that were unknown up until this point. In game development, there are so many ideas that are thrown out there that it is impossible to incorporate all of them into a game. This is one thing that the developers came across while working on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and another dilemma developers faced 23 years earlier with the development of A Link to the Past.

Tanabe worked on the storyline, concept, and structure of A Link to the Past, and one idea in particular that he wanted to incorporate into the game was that of a giant egg breaking atop a mountain, effectively ending the world. Sound familiar? This is an idea that was used in the following installment of the Legend of Zelda series, Link’s Awakening. This is just one example of many where Nintendo has taken unused ideas from previous games and incorporated them into future titles. It will be interesting to see what previously unused ideas are incorporated into the upcoming Legend of Zelda for the Wii U!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine
Via: GoNintendo