With the popularity of orchestral concerts such as Symphony of the Goddesses and Distant Worlds: The Music of Final Fantasy, video games are making their way into the classical music world.

The String Arcade album contains fifteen classical style arrangements of popular video game themes performed by a string quartet. Featured on the album is The Legend of Zelda title theme, along with music from other popular titles including Sonic the Hedgehog, Portal 2, and Galaga.

The album is available for download for $9.99, or you can purchase the CD for $11.99 from The String Arcade’s website. All proceeds benefit the Alameda Music Project, an after-school program giving children the opportunity to learn an instrument. The philanthropic organization supports the idea that music education should be available to all kids, regardless of their family’s income level. The goal is not only to teach kids music, but also to build their confidence and give them a positive outlet keeping them away from drugs, gangs, and other dangerous influences.

Source: Game Informer
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