Nintendo fan AmazingArtistYellow has been quite busy these past six months, creating a fan video of the Super Smash Bros. series set to the music from the second opening sequence of the very popular anime series Attack on Titan. AmazingArtistYellow used hand and mouse-drawn animation to complete the project, with the help of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Sony Movie Studio 12 over a span of six months. For any fan of Super Smash Bros., Attack on Titan, or even both, this project is a must-see! Hit the jump to view this very impressive fan video in its entirety.

Source: AmazingArtistYellow
Via: Nintendo Everything
  • Oleg

    Wow! I was expecting music put to trailer/game footage, but it seems like someone actually bothered to draw something themselves.

    Really nice. Not perfect, but still really nice. ^.^

  • Nick

    i like attock on titan and it was cool to see how they fit each character to doing similar actions to the people in the snk opening

  • Ryan Haney

    That was well done. I’ve never heard of Attack on Titan. Is it about the moon Titan or the Greek gods.

  • Shadow Deity


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