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Everyone has their favorite Zelda moments. Mine are all the Zelink cutscenes in Skyward Sword. The folks at Nintendo Spain compiled all of their favorites into one awesome video. They chose some beautiful scenes, including Link’s encounter with Saria on the bridge in Ocarina of Time, lifting the curse on Pamela’s father in Majora’s Mask, and  Midna’s true form in Twilight Princess. What is your favorite Zelda moment? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube
Via: GoNintendo
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  • drnedaj

    Too many to pick one. Getting the master sword is always great. The reveal about the truth of lorule’s triforce was great.

  • Helen Holder

    When Link saved Colin on the bridge in Twilight princess

    • TristanTsunami

      Yes, because he strikes that awesome Bad-Ass Pose.

  • Lotti Sidwell

    Every single cutscene from Majora’s Mask ever.

    That game makes me cry.

    • Wim Pelkmans

      So true….
      The characters are so strong….
      (Still hoping for an (even darker) remake)

  • TristanTsunami

    However mine has to be the ending of Twilight Princess, where Midna says farewell, and destroys the Mirror of Twilight. It was so touching and Heart Breaking. But then again, tied with that is the ending of A Link Between Worlds. That whole last cut-scene.
    Both made me cry, so sad and so touching.
    If I ever finish Majora’s Mask, it will probably be a three-way tie.

  • Wim Pelkmans

    Waiting with anju for kafei too come(when you completed the chainquest) even though the last minutes of the world are counting down…
    In majora’s mask…..
    Still hard too choose…

  • Parker

    I could go on for hours about this.. definitely the scene on the Ghost Ship when we found Tetra.. and pretty much every scene with Linebeck xD The staff roll in OoT still makes me cry, especially when Zelda sends you back.. I also haven’t seen an ending scene like ALbW in awhile. Every time you get the Master Sword.. ah, I’ve barely scratched the surface <xD