Rose Colored Gaming, who specialize in reproduction retro games and consoles, are offering two fan-made Zelda games as part of a limited edition box set. If you’ve never heard of Parallel Worlds and Goddess of Wisdom, they are custom SNES games that use assets from A Link to the Past, and have been in production for many years. Pre-orders for these sets will open soon, and there will only be 50 sets made in the year 2014. A price has not yet been determined, but each set will be numbered and signed. There will also be limited edition art prints available. To see more photos of the games and art prints, hit the jump.

Disclaimer: I am reporting on these games as a news item, and as fan-made art. I cannot vouch for the legality of the games, and you may choose to support Rose Colored Gaming at your own discretion.








These 5″x7″ art prints are signed by the artist, Wiggy, and are printed with Canon archival quality inks. The 5″x7″ prints will cost $40 and are framed with wood and glass.


These 4″x6″ art prints are the same as above, but will cost $30.

Source: Rose Colored Gaming
Via: XombieDIRGE
  • Nathan Maddox

    I’m not bashing it or anything, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to do this… just saying.

    • Darkot

      That’s what I was thinking! But, then again, selling art prints and shirts of copyrighted material is technically illegal too..but people do that anyways.
      However, at least in that case, it’s originally created work. This is using assets that Nintendo made! That’s like taking official Zelda art and selling it as a print!

    • Morgan

      We’re just reporting the news, not necessarily condoning the profiteering of copyrighted material. It’s a cool fan project but honestly I don’t disagree with you and am surprised it hasn’t been shut down. But again, just reporting the news. (:

  • Melena

    I’ve added a disclaimer to my post.

  • Yuri Yanu

    If they put the rom out for free and put up a donate button, I would be inclined to make a donation (assuming the games are good).

  • LittleGreen

    Probs illegal…

  • Carlos Salvado

    It wont be if you receive aproval from Nintendo.


    Contact them for Project presentation and revenue discussion.
    If you require further info look me up