YouTuber and aspiring composer AHurdOfBronies has composed a battle rendition of Saria’s theme, a type of what-if scenario if Saria were to have turned evil in Ocarina of Time and Link would have been forced to fight her. Accompanying the excellent battle theme is a piece of artwork by MPdigitalART, depicting Link and Saria in the Lost Woods and what the imagined event might look like if it were to come to life.

This is actually AHurdOfBronies’ second iteration of Saria’s Battle Song. The first version, which can he heard here, was in the key of C and played at a tempo of 144 beats per minute. For the latest version of the song, AHurdOfBronies changed the key to B flat and sped the tempo up to 152 beats per minute.

Hit the jump to listen to Saria’s Battle Song!

Source: AHurdOfBronies [1], AHurdOfBronies [2], MPdigitalART [3]