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Director and filmmaker Kennedy Baruch recently announced that he was going to be turning his short film “Escape” into a feature-length film by the name of “Princess in Another Castle.” Nintendo Life recently conducted an interview with Mr. Baruch which touched on a variety of key topics, including the film’s expected release window, how much of the filming had been already completed, and what franchises will play a key role in the film. Hit the jump to read on!

In the interview, Mr. Baruch was asked as to whether the usage of the Zelda franchise was always his first choice for the conception of “Escape.” Mr. Baruch stated that it was his indeed his first choice for the short film’s concept, and went on to praise the franchise:

“That was most definitely always my first choice for the concept. The Legend of Zelda is basically the Holy Grail of gaming, and I always knew it’d be the best franchise to get the reactions I wanted.”

When asked about the plot of the film, Mr. Baruch replied that he wished for it to remain a surprise, but shared a few interesting details:

“I really do want to leave most of it as a surprise, but I can tell you that the story feels like it has much more of a goal-oriented plot this time around, and balances with the more “day in the life” feel of ESCAPE in a way that really lets Danni grow as a person. She actually puts some effort into being a “good kid” this time around, mostly for the sake of that end goal – getting a new system, a Game Boy Pocket, in order to play the sequel to her favourite game, Mother, which is also known overseas as EarthBound Zero. Mother 2 (EarthBound) came out on the SNES, but I changed history a little bit for the sake of drama. I think people will be able to forgive that, once they see how the story ends.”

Mr. Baruch went on to reveal which video game franchises would shine in the spotlight for the upcoming film:

“Mother (EarthBound) is the main one, but we’ll also have sequences for The Legend of Zelda and TMNTIV: Turtles in Time, as well as plenty of production design nods toward other gaming franchises.”

Mr. Baruch was asked about how much progress had been made on the film, and whether or not he had a target release window planned for the film, to which he replied:

We’re about two-thirds of the way through shooting it, and should (hopefully) wrap production by March. I hesitate to say a release date because I know the animation will take me a very long time, but it seems likely that it’ll be ready for the festival circuit this Fall.”

For the full interview, be sure to check it out on Nintendo Life.

Source: Nintendo Life
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