If you enjoyed A Link Between Worlds, check out this absolutely beautiful fan-made comic drawn by the artist Kitsura/紀貫. The comic is meant to be a prequel to the events in A Link Between Worlds. Take a look after the jump; just be aware the comic contains major spoilers about characters in the game.




Ravio sees Hilda lamenting over her lost Kingdom from behind a curtain and starts to reach out and help her, but not before Yuga intervenes. “Hil-” “Hilda.”






Then we see Ravio writing in his journal. “This is a one-way trip…I can’t go back…”

“We can’t meet again.”















“C…come on, be brave, Ravio! For…for Lorule’s sake…”


















“I…for HER sake…”
“Princess Hilda…”





“If it’s for her, he’ll try again. If it’s for her, it doesn’t matter even if he can’t come back.”



















Source: Tumblr
Via: Tiny Cartridge
Special thanks to Robert Ward for the translation!
  • Nate M

    The creator’s dedication really shows through. Two thumbs up!

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Swear after I saw the ending on the game, I can either see a sequel or even a prequel to this one… Loved the ending so much 😛

    And this comic, really gives the feel of the events prior to when the game took place, love it 🙂

  • Jack Case

    I really want to animate this, or at least make a 3D model of this version of Ravio.