After years of development, Aeipathy Industries have nailed down a release date for their first episode of Zeldamotion, a fan-made animated adaptation of Akira Himekawa’s manga series.

Faced with an unsuccessful Kickstarter project, many thought it was game over for Zeldamotion.  Low on Hearts, Aeipathy Industries opened up their last Fairy-in-a-bottle and kept moving forward. At last, a release date is set. By May 31st of this year, Zelda fans will finally see a finished product. Their inaugural episode takes on A Link to the Past, showcasing a professional cast of voice actors and musical score.

Be sure to check out their official trailer and artwork below!


Source: Aeipathy Industries, Kickstarter
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • Fyrus Kasai

    Oh my god YESSSSSS.

  • Trinosaur

    While this is pretty, I really hope the entire thing isn’t constant tweens like this. I can’t stand that kind of animation style usually. It can be done well, but to me it seems like none of this is very raw animation. It looks more like they colored the manga and then gave it some minimal movement. At that point, I’d just as soon read the manga rather than watch it…