banner-cradle6Not long ago, Club Nintendo US brought the 3DS XL’s charging cradle in different colours to their limited premium give-away. Our American friends had the chance to order one of those rarities for the price of 500 Coins! As many of you might remember, it was sold out almost immediately.  

While the American Club Nintendo doesn’t intend to bring them back, the European store got their own chance to get their hands on one of these coloured cradles. Do you want to know how? Just click the jump for more information!

Finally we get to see something nice in the Club Nintendo store. For the price of 4,500 Stars, you can become the proud owner of one of these rarities. You can choose from the same colour range as last time: red, blue, white, yellow and green are available and allow you to perfectly match it with your 3DS XL’s colour.

What do you think? Is the product overpriced or are you excited to get a charging cradle for your 3DS XL?

Source: Club Nintendo Europe
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