Every morning is an opportunity to greet a brand new day. You might have a job to go to, or even a family to take care of. With a new day comes new struggles, and sometimes it might feel like things will never improve. The Triforce, which represents power, wisdom, and courage, is the ultimate symbol of inner strength and symbolizes three qualities that can help you conquer any obstacle that comes your way. Etsy seller milkool has for sale an exquisite, gold-plated Triforce necklace on a 14k gold-filled chain. Wearing this necklace would be the perfect way to remind yourself that you are strong, intelligent, and fearless!






Each Triforce necklace is handmade by the artist out of brass, plated in gold, and polished by hand. You can also choose the length of your chain to suit your taste. The Triforce itself measures at 25×25 millimeters, or 1×1 inches. This gold version costs $77 + shipping, however there are a wide variety of more economic versions of the necklace available. The same necklace made out of stainless steel costs $37 + shipping. There is also a matte stainless steel version priced at $24 + shipping, and an acrylic version for only $6 + shipping.

Don’t you wish you also had your own fairy following you around all day, providing you with constant guidance? An alternative is this stainless steel Navi necklace, priced at $28.50 + shipping. I’m quite smitten with this necklace! As with the Triforce necklace, this Navi necklace is handmade, polished by hand to a matte level and bonded with a swarovski crystal. The fairy measures at about 27×11 millimeters, or around 1 inch. The chain length is once again customizable. Keep in mind the seller is located in Israel, so make sure to carefully read the shipping policies and allow plenty of time for your item to arrive. Also be sure to browse the entire selection of Zelda jewelry, all handmade by this amazing seller!





Update: Zelda Universe readers can get 10% off their purchase by entering the code “zeldauniverse” at checkout! Thanks Milkool!

Source: Etsy
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