ZU Mailbag

Hello everyone and welcome back to an all-new ZU Mailbag! On this edition of ZU Mailbag, Muse and Ithika are asked what their favorite game in the series is and why it is their favorite, and the answer may (or may not) surprise you! Other questions include whether Link will ever have kids, a follow-up on the “Link is dead” theory that discusses the theories behind the Fierce Deity’s Mask in detail, and even what Muse and Ithika think about on the possibility of romance being explored more in the Zelda series! If you have questions that you would like to have answered in the next ZU Mailbag, leave a comment on the YouTube video, and if you enjoy what Muse and Ithika have to offer, you can check them out on their own channel. Hit the jump to check out the video!