The New Year is underway, and deviantART user ditto9 decided to create a Zelda Zodiac (based on the Chinese zodiac), with each real life zodiac receiving an accurate Zelda-themed representation! Each animal is drawn in a style resembling Okami, which results in the creatures looking quite adorable. 2014 is the year of the horse, so for those of you who were born under the sign of the horse, this is the year of Epona! I was born under the sign of the rooster, so I am very pleased to see that I am a Cucco. You can let us know what you think of these Zelda zodiacs in the comments, and feel free to tell us what Zelda-themed zodiac you fall under too!

Source: deviantART
Via: Reddit
  • Travis

    I was born under a cuckoo too!

  • disqus_lQUAdlxPMo

    I was born under a rat

  • I’m a goat! Which means….I’m a goat! Well, an Ordon Goat, to be specific.

    • disqus_lQUAdlxPMo

      I rather be a ordon goat than a rat lol

      • I must say I agree! Still, at least this particular artistic rendition of a rat is about as appealing as a rat can be. 😉

        • disqus_lQUAdlxPMo

          Then this guy is going to stay as a rat 🙂

        • :0 thank you!! Most people didn’t recognise my drawing of the rat, perhaps Wind Waker is more obscure than the others? 😀

  • Marcella Daniëlle Jahnke

    Born under the sign of the Pols Voice <3

    • disqus_lQUAdlxPMo

      Wish I was born under the wolf so I can dig up rupees and talk to animals

  • X-factor

    Awww, yeah! Year of the Wolf, baby! Just what I wanted to see 😀

  • heroofmasks

    idk my sign i am aries but idk the animal was born in 1992

    • alxexperience

      You were born under the sign of the monkey 🙂

  • Sydney Roesch

    I’m a dog, So I would be… WOLF LINK!!! Yeah buddy!!!!

    Dogs are compatible with horses! Woot!

  • Dragon represent!

  • mr magic mike


    Well, at least I’m a blue Cucco…

    Very cool btw

    • I love the cuccos, so when I picked Cojiro I meant it with more love than any of the others, and he was the most fun to draw! (Also I like people born under the rooster, I get on with them well haha)
      Thanks for your comment ;u;

  • Carlos Roberto López Hernández

    I’m a Volvagia!

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    In three years it will be the year of COJIRO

  • Hero of winds

    Year of the dog so I’m wolf link

  • Gotta admit I screamed a little bit to see my art on here! I am more than honoured to have you guys post my Zodiac, it took me a good day to get finished and over 3 months of planning!!
    I am a proud year of the Lanayru Spirit 😀
    Thanks to everyone with their compliments too! <3

  • Ian

    Dragon all the way baby YEAH YEAH

  • Princesssaraq

    Year of the horse im epona 🙂