If you are looking to add to your Zelda collection, here’s something to definitely take a look at. On eBay, seller mediaguy1951 has put a rare A Link Between Worlds store display up for auction! At the time of this article’s publication, there is currently a single bid of $40 placed on the item, and a little over 4 days left until the auction ends. According to the product description, the cardboard display measures to be 16 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. The poster also contains a pronounced 3D effect that isn’t evident in the pictures provided on the item’s page.

Most of these store posters have been either thrown out or given away, which makes these posters very rare. The poster comes fully assembled and in mint condition. The seller has an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and with the possibility of getting this rare item for a little over $40 (not including shipping, which varies by region), this is really a steal! If you’re interested in acquiring this to add to your Zelda collection, then definitely check the auction out.

Source: eBay
Via: GoNintendo, gameSniped
  • How did he get that, that is so cool!

    But really, how did he get it?

    • alxexperience

      If I had to guess, he probably either asked for it as it was being thrown out by a store, or someone from retail gave it to him.

  • Brandon MacDougall

    Shipping 240$ No thanks. LOL

  • Canyarion

    Oh how is this news? Lots of people on the forum posted that they got this for free from their local store.

    • alxexperience

      I think it’s worthy of being news. Not all of the people that read the main page visit the forums, and for people that don’t currently have this and are interesting in possibly acquiring it, it is news to them.