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With the beautiful remake on Wii U and a decade of prior exposure to The Wind Waker, it can be easy to forget that the game, in its humble beginnings, looked and acted rather different than the product we know and love today. In the latest episode of YouTube user Yuriofwind‘s “Gaming Mysteries” series, he explores the beta stages of the game and many old assets that were either unused or improved upon.

He provides a very thorough and fascinating overview of the history of the game’s development, as well as an analysis of the differences found in early footage. For anyone looking for a decent history lesson of one of the finest games ever made, read on for the video–just be aware that the video contains some explicit language.

Many may recall the GameCube presentation at Spaceworld 2000, wherein people were given their first glimpse at the console’s upcoming library. In the footage was a fight between Link and Ganondorf, who appeared more realistic than the final cel-shaded versions.

In a following trailer of the game, the game showed its true colours and was the infamous cause of many fans’ anger and disappointment. Yuriofwind points out a number of differences between it and the final version of the game. On top a completely different HUD, button layout, and a cutscene that didn’t make the cut, Link wears the same attire as the hero from the original Legend of Zelda, and has the ability to sneak (without a barrel).

He also goes as far as to examine some other resources, such as early concept art depicting an older Link; suggesting Link would age as he did in Ocarina. Hacking the game will also reveal some unused items, such as two additional sails (Zora and Tingle Sails) and the mysterious “Wind Waker Stone”.

Source: YouTube
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