Majora's Mask front of card

Christmas: a time to rejoice, spend time with loved ones and celebrate the end of the world. Wait, that’s not right! Majora’s Mask may not be the merriest of games, but Reddit and Imgur user Basek was lucky enough to receive an MM-themed Christmas Card for Secret Santa. It makes sense, seeing as the fun of Secret Santa is keeping your identity under-wraps, so donning a mask is a good way of staying incognito.

The artwork on the card is all hand-drawn and held together with gold ribbon. It illustrates the final three days of Termina, from the Carnival of Time to the moon’s devastating fall. Images after the jump. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Carnival of Time

Majora's Mask Christmas

Majora's Mask card



Majora's Mask Christmas


Source: Basek on Imgur
Via: Reddit