Nintendo announced today that Sonic Lost World would be getting two Nintendo-based DLCs. The first one, which was released today, was the Yoshi’s Island DLC, which includes a level that is inspired by Yoshi’s Island’s design. Towards the end of the announcement however, Iwata strongly hinted at a Zelda-themed DLC being released as a second piece of DLC, to be released in the future. Hit the jump to read Iwata’s statement, as well as find out about another interesting hint!

Towards the end of the announcement, Iwata heavily implied that a Zelda-themed DLC will be the second DLC released for the game:

“And get ready to link to another special DLC for Sonic Lost World in 2014. More info to come on that one shortly.”

Iwata put heavy emphasis on the word “link,” strongly suggesting that a Zelda-themed DLC will be released. But that’s not all. Look at the image above. Now look behind Sonic and to the right of the Deadly Six. What’s that pattern on the wall? It’s the Triforce of course! The image all but confirms that Zelda-themed DLC will be making its way to the game in the future, and is a calculated hint placed in there by Nintendo. Thanks to Kotaku for the image!

Source: YouTube, Nintendo Direct, Kotaku
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