When A Link to the Past was released in Japan in 1991, they released a commercial themed to a Japanese hip-hop song in order to promote the newest installment in the Zelda franchise. 22 years later, Nintendo is at it again, creating two commercials in the same likeness to promote A Link Between Worlds. These wacky hip hop themed commercials harken back to the days of the Super Famicom and are nostalgic for all those familiar with the original commercial for A Link to the Past. Hit after the jump to see these two crazy commercials in action!

And now for the original commercial that inspired it in 1991.

What do you think of Nintendo of Japan’s marketing strategy? Will it manage to attract any new (or old) fans to pick up A Link Between Worlds?

Source: Nintendo of Japan [1], Zelda Dungeon [2]
Via: GoNintendo