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Nintendo opened today’s Nintendo Direct with quite a bang. Nintendo announced that they will partner up with Tecmo Koei, developers of the Dynasty Warriors series, to develop a Zelda spin-off game, tentatively titled “Hyrule Warriors.” To be clear, Iwata emphasized that the game is not Zelda Wii U, and should not be considered to be a core Zelda game. Hit the jump to learn more about this interesting announcement, and for the full trailer!

As previously mentioned, Tecmo Koei will be developing the game in conjunction with Nintendo. Iwata expressed that the game combines the “tried and true action” of the Dynasty Warriors series while utilizing the iconic environments, weapons, and enemies from the Zelda franchise. The trailer showcases Link facing a hoard of Bokoblins outside of Hyrule Castle. Link has a bunch of ways to take down his enemies, with his iconic Spin Attack in particular being shown off.

Link also has a variety of his signature weapons at his disposable. Besides his sword, the trailer shows off bombs, the Fire Rod (which looks like a ton of fun to use), and of course, Link can use the Hylian Shield to his defense. Link also appears to have special attacks; towards the end of the trailer, Link lifts his sword up to the sky and proceeds to devastate the Bokoblins with an enhanced version of what appears to be the Hurricane Spin from Wind Waker.

Besides the Bokoblins, Link battles a Lizalfos, and the trailer also shows off Link facing a Dodongo. The Dodongo is massive in size, and wrecks havoc on both the Bokoblins, and what appear to be Hylian Soldiers as Link avoids the firey attack. Perhaps the Dodongo is a boss enemy in the game. Despite only three enemies from the Zelda franchise being shown in the trailer, I’m sure that many other iconic enemies from the Zelda series will make their way into the final product. It will also be interesting to see to what capacity the Hylian Soliders are utilized. Are they just cannon fodder? Do they actually help Link out? This remains to be seen, though it would be a treat for Nintendo to include some sort of co-op mode where players can fight side by side.

The game is set to be released sometime in Spring 2014. What did you think of the trailer? Did it surprise you? Are you excited? Are you disappointed that Zelda Wii U wasn’t shown? As always, let us know in the comments!

Update: The Japanese Nintendo Direct recently aired today, and an interesting tidbit of news popped up. The tentative Japanese title for Hyrule Warriors is “Zelda Musou”. Thanks to NeoGAF user Cheesemeister for providing a full Japanese summary of the broadcast!

Source: Nintendo, Nintendo Direct