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Nintendo opened today’s Nintendo Direct with quite a bang. Nintendo announced that they will partner up with Tecmo Koei, developers of the Dynasty Warriors series, to develop a Zelda spin-off game, tentatively titled “Hyrule Warriors.” To be clear, Iwata emphasized that the game is not Zelda Wii U, and should not be considered to be a core Zelda game. Hit the jump to learn more about this interesting announcement, and for the full trailer!

As previously mentioned, Tecmo Koei will be developing the game in conjunction with Nintendo. Iwata expressed that the game combines the “tried and true action” of the Dynasty Warriors series while utilizing the iconic environments, weapons, and enemies from the Zelda franchise. The trailer showcases Link facing a hoard of Bokoblins outside of Hyrule Castle. Link has a bunch of ways to take down his enemies, with his iconic Spin Attack in particular being shown off.

Link also has a variety of his signature weapons at his disposable. Besides his sword, the trailer shows off bombs, the Fire Rod (which looks like a ton of fun to use), and of course, Link can use the Hylian Shield to his defense. Link also appears to have special attacks; towards the end of the trailer, Link lifts his sword up to the sky and proceeds to devastate the Bokoblins with an enhanced version of what appears to be the Hurricane Spin from Wind Waker.

Besides the Bokoblins, Link battles a Lizalfos, and the trailer also shows off Link facing a Dodongo. The Dodongo is massive in size, and wrecks havoc on both the Bokoblins, and what appear to be Hylian Soldiers as Link avoids the firey attack. Perhaps the Dodongo is a boss enemy in the game. Despite only three enemies from the Zelda franchise being shown in the trailer, I’m sure that many other iconic enemies from the Zelda series will make their way into the final product. It will also be interesting to see to what capacity the Hylian Soliders are utilized. Are they just cannon fodder? Do they actually help Link out? This remains to be seen, though it would be a treat for Nintendo to include some sort of co-op mode where players can fight side by side.

The game is set to be released sometime in Spring 2014. What did you think of the trailer? Did it surprise you? Are you excited? Are you disappointed that Zelda Wii U wasn’t shown? As always, let us know in the comments!

Update: The Japanese Nintendo Direct recently aired today, and an interesting tidbit of news popped up. The tentative Japanese title for Hyrule Warriors is “Zelda Musou”. Thanks to NeoGAF user Cheesemeister for providing a full Japanese summary of the broadcast!

Source: Nintendo, Nintendo Direct
  • Hombre de Mundo

    Comments are back and this is looking… pretty cool. We’ll have lots to say about it on the podcast this upcoming weekend.

  • Dylan Bassich

    Definitely not part of the Zelda franchise. It is just DW to draw in more people. Guess making the exact same game gets old and instead of innovating, putting on a different skin is easier.

    • Zach

      you obviously got nothing, this is a crossover spinoff, which is done in japan all the time

  • Reece Heather

    Perfect timing for our new comment system to be introduced. This looks like a lot of fun!

  • Interesting spinoff. I feel like they’re showing it a bit too early – that trailer was full of bugs and didn’t have the Nintendo polish I’d look for. Tecmo is also an interesting choice for a development partner; we got to meet them at E3, and they’re a bunch of great guys, but their style seems very different from anything Zelda. Without saying too much… this spinoff should be, well, interesting.

  • Renaud Dion

    make me feel like the horde battle in SS

  • Ryano

    This looks absolutely amazing! I don’t understand how someone could start picking this apart will how little we’ve seen. It’s not a main Zelda game, it’s just a spin-off. It strictly just for fun, which I think is perfect and something that the Zelda franchise could use to broaden its appeal. I seriously cannot wait for this game. I’m expecting the end product to be more polished and hopefully include multiple playable characters as well as online multiplayer.

    It’s definitely not what I was expecting from Nintendo Direct today, but Hyrule Warriors is exactly what I need to be excited about Zelda in a whole new way. Thank you Nintendo!

    • realist

      This looks absolutely amazing to you? Really?

      • Ryano

        No, not really, I’m just a troll…not a fan that’s been playing Zelda for over 20 years and thinks that a spin-off like this is great for the series.

        Look, if it’s not your style that’s ok, but I’ve played some good hack ‘n slach action games and if you throw Zelda in the mix I’m sure I’ll love it. This will turn out to be a really good move for the franchise. Zelda needs something fresh and different from it’s main series of games to expand its relevance. What else would you propose?

        • realist

          I too have played Zelda games since the very first game was released, but I can’t see how this game does good for the franchise.

          I think this game has the potential to destroy the Zelda brand that has been known for being top quality. It looks simplistic, with terrible visuals and uninspiring enemies.

          And at the same time Nintendo doesn’t tell us anything of a real new Zelda game for the Wii U. Sometimes I feel Nintendo wants Wii U to fail.

          • Arya Stark

            Actually it’s this sort of attitude that fans have that causes them to fail. They stay tried and true? Oh rehash! They try to branch out and do something something new and heck even try to work with other companies? Oh! They’re ruining my precious can’t do anything wrong Zelda!

            That’s the problem. First of all Link’s combat style fits in perfectly for this sort of game as well it introduces Nintendo to some different ideas of what can be down with Link himself. Did you see the maneuverability he executed in some of his attacks? How he comes off more athletic and acrobatic . These are ideas that Nintendo may realize wouldn’t be bad to use one day for a main Zelda title.

            Try to be less close minded and a little more patient as well. This game isn’t done with development no doubt and this is just a taste of what it might shape up to be. Less entitlement. kay?

          • endlesszerosoulX

            remember this game is in a early state the graphics might not be final but even so i don’t think there bad at all

  • This looks like a blast. Wonder when in 2014 it will be released.

    • Gabrielsen

      If you red the article is clearly says Spring 2014. Also the direct was mainly aimed at Q1 2014.

      • darklink28

        I’m apart of staff so I know that. But you know Nintendo and their “deadlines”. So really who knows. Hopefully it keeps to the spring release.

      • Guest

        Read* 😉

  • Nielyboyken

    Nice new comments. 🙂

  • realist

    This looks awful. Why are they doing this crap.

  • Nathan Maddox

    This came out of left field… but still, now there’s a reason for me to get a WiiU! Hmm, maybe this happens between SS and MC, but after the hero of man story

    • craZ

      It’s not a core Zelda title. Probably doesn’t even fit into the timeline. Just one of those games made for pure fun, not for the story of Zelda.

      • Ryan Haynes

        Four Sword & Four Sword Adventures weren’t core Zelda titles, Just because it’s a spin-off doesn’t mean it has no place in the timeline

    • Akhaten

      Or maybe it “is not part of nintendo’s main the legend of zelda series” :

  • 1bgood97

    Well… I just hope those are the “Special” attacks are not the result of simply mashing the “A” button. I mean, this looks REALLY cool, and I hope it turns out great. It could possibly sway the wrong direction though if Link is too OP… which it kinda looks like he is. 😛

    I have high hopes for this though!

  • Mark Folkert

    If it is as much fun as Link’s Crossbow Training, it’ll be good.

  • Satan

    So do you think this is what Link in Zelda WiiU will look like?

    • 1bgood97

      No Satan.

  • Rafael Hylian

    something just did with link crossbow training

  • robert

    He did a modified skyward strike

  • CEObrainz

    If the trailer is showing just an early build of the game as many people seem to say it is, then I’m looking forward to the final product. I mean look at Super Mario 3D World, it’s first trailer wasn’t exactly good but then it came back with some epic visuals and gameplay to show off.

  • Featherhead

    When I saw this, I was reminded of what I expected from Twilight Princess’s first trailer, showing Link on Epona, with an army of Bokoblins on foot, rushing towards one another. There will always be naysayers who want to lessen your enjoyment of something, but dont let them have your joy. Let them go get their own without stealing yours.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • dark wing

    setting and character design reminds me of the SS prequel manga. could this be the battle with demise before he was sealed? o.o

  • ThePolarKuma

    link from the trailer looks like the link from the Manga Prequel Perhaps?


    • justinpr1234

      that’s what i was thinking!

  • Ryan Haney

    I’ve actually had dreams like that fight. That fire rod looks awesome! It reminded me of the huge fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort at the end of Order of the Phoenix.

  • Talmor


    I wanna take on thousands of demons as Link….

  • Zeller

    Considering this is an early build of the game, the final game is sure to be AMAZING :’) Another reason to buy a Wii U… Which i still can’t afford ;-;

  • Zeller

    Offtopic, you guys finally put Disqus, good to see

  • raichu-keaton1411

    This looks amazing, I love anything zelda so I may be a little biased but I am really excited to try something completely new and unexpected, Nintendo is such a great company! 😀

  • !CJ!

    well, I first noticed the ground at the beginning. this is obviously still in very early development and sort of like a rough design. it’s still at the start. the look of Link my change, his moves and speed, may change. the monsters, their numbers, AI, abilities, all may change. in fact it’s likely that 70% of what was shown may change. some will stay I’m sure. but by the time it could out it could feel like a totally different game.
    now, as for my thought on this. well, firstly I agree with what 1bgood97 said. I dun want him to be to OP. yah it looks like it could be fun going wild on those guys. but that would get old fast. and is about the opposite of a Zelda game. Zelda games are all about adventure and challenge. and this looks a little to Kingdom Heart 2, but running through the whole game at lvl99. I like KH 2, I love it even, I love the whole KH series. but this is supposed to be a Zelda based spin off. now again, a lot is going to change, it probs won’t be quite like this when it comes out. Link seems a bit to… super though. now that blue cap, t looks like the Roc’s Cape, which explains the high jumping, which was the first thing that got me about this Links actions. second, he’s a bit to fast. yah a fast Link deffinetly sounds cool, because I’m sure we can all remember those long slow walks through Hyrules fields. but a bit less crazy and more under control would be nice.
    the idea of having basic mobs and then a mini boss, and final a boss is all cool. and from this I get the idea that there may even be stages. it might be like a stage of basic enemies, then the mini boss stage, then boss stage, and may have different difficaulty levels, which means diff and harder enemies. it may be a stage with basic enemies, a mini boss, and a boss. and there might be a few of these. it may even be that each “stage” is an aread you can travel around as you fight enemies eventually encountering the mini boss and eventually the boss. that would be cool.
    now as for this, “my Zelda!” VS “Yay this could change things!” thing. well honestly I like Zelda. and I’m sure we all do. but I don’t like it for what it could be or will be. I like it right now. like it is. and though a lot of us like to complain that it should try more this or do more that, or have stayd more like this or that, I’m sure for the most part we all like Zelda like it is. maybe not a cirtain few games like that are, but the series. we all have things about it we like. we all have things we don’t want to change. and a lot of us have some things we would like to see change or added, maybe if even only for a single game, just to see how it goes.
    but then some people see something new or something change and go, “oh no my precious, it’s gone for ever!” or “oh no this is horrible” and ” the series is now ruined and going to go horribly bad never recover and going to be over forever!” well maybe not. it can come back. or, just because this is here now, in this game, doesn’t mean it wiil be here in the next game, or that they’re all going to be like this from now on and forever. Nintendo likes to change things, it likes to try new things. and more specifically with the Zelda series, it likes to do something new with every game. not all the games are the same. if you don’t like a game that comes out, well guess what? the next game is going to be different! maybe you’ll like that one. maybe not.
    I don’t always like change, especially when it’s things I like that change. so if a new game comes out and some of the things I like are gone, I don’t like it. but I have hope that maybe they’ll be back in the next game. if I don’t like something about a new game, I usually say so, and say why, and hope it doesn’t happen in the next one. and you know what? Nintendo can’t fix something if they don’t know there’s a problem! though just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s a problem right? some people may like it. but I don’t. and I’m sure that with anything in any Zelda game, there are going to be a number of people who don’t like it. and if they all voice their opinions, I’m sure Nintendo will hear of it and take note. doesn’t mean they’re going to go out of their way to make those ppl happy. but they’ll keep it in mind when they make the next game, and maybe not use that thing.
    but, when those ppl are constantly complaining and never letting up, getting on or arguing with ppl who say they do like it, getting all upset about it when someone mentions it and then making a big deal about it, that’s when it’s time to say this is too much. it’s not nessesary to go that far to make your opinion heard. and, not everyone agrees with your opinion and they don’t have to. this goes for those who are for or against something. say what you like, say what you don’t, but don’t say something to make others mad or reject them and their opinions. if you don’t like someone elses opinion, alright. but don’t tell them that. say what you think about something, and let it be done. don’t make something of it. no one likes all the arguing over who’s opinion is right and who’s is wrong.

  • endlesszerosoulX

    this game looks incredibly fun i don’t frekin care if it’s like the other ones(it is a spin-off after all) as long as it’s fun also, you haters for this game, if you want to be angry a zelda spin-offs look at tingle’s rampart rupeeland

  • Link #9001

    Oh my Farore, Link’s scarf in the trailer is pretty damn sexy :p

  • James Paul Thompson

    Two of my favorite things, Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, on paper this
    announcement should have me shitting myself with excitement but I must
    say that I am a little apprehensive.

    I’ve had my heart broken a few
    too many times by games and their promises over the years, I tend to build my
    walls a little higher these days you know (lol). I shall keep my eye on
    this one but I refuse to get all wet in the pants about it until I see a
    more finished version, in case of any nasty suprises i.e no multi
    player, no on-line aspect or just some thing broken within the game like bad controls or an out of balance in-game monetary economy or some bullshit like that.

    But as a
    lifetime fan like yourselves, I feel pretty confident that this can only
    be a step in the right direction for a francise that in my opinion
    needs the cob webs beaten from it a little and and I couldn’t really
    think of a game I’d like to see more than Dynasty Warriors being called
    in to help do so. I think that the publics reaction to this game will probably help shape the next big Zelda title so lets hope it works well eh!

  • John

    I have to say, I don’t dislike the concept, but it looks rather… rough. I hope the final product will be a lot more polished.

    I am also curious if they will create characters just for this game. Dynasty Warriors usually has a load of characters.

  • Nick

    i am a bit disappointed they didnt talk about zelda u but thats okay. i probably wont be buying this game and i do kind of think that spinoffs are a bit dumb, but i dont mind that theyre doing this. it will probably invite more casual players to the series and thats good for sales so who am i to say anything bad about it.

  • justinpr1234

    so this looks like the link from the skyward sword manga but with the red replaced with blue… i think it takes place before Skyward Sword on the surface!!! the soildiers in the trailer look like the ones in the comic but again no red… there is a castle in the comic and the art stile of this game represents an HD Skyward Sword so…. I think it stands to reason that it takes place in the time of the comic.

  • genjy

    This is a great addition to the franchise. This game is for sure inspired by the mob fight at the end of Skyward Sword.

  • Saratje

    I have a strong suspicion that this game primarily serves two purposes in relation to the later Wii U title:

    1. To prototype test how to make viable and fun large scale battles. Feedback from players on the Hyrule Warriors game will help to make future large scale battles in the actual later Wii U Zelda flawless.

    2. They want to see how people feel about large battles and possibly wars in Hyrule. If players are massively disappointed, any war or grand scale battle featuring in the actual Wii U Zelda may be omitted in favour of sticking to the original adventure formula.

    So summed up? The Zelda team wants to be absolutely sure that this concept is received well before adding a war or grand battle feature to the actual Wii U Zelda game. If the real Wii U Zelda title is about large battles and the concepts disappoints players, there may not be future instalments if that concept is not changed early in development.

  • juanjo_dpr9

    I thought it was a joke, December 28th is quite close by hahaha. Seriously, a game like this is an insult to the old fans of Zelda. I’ve played Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, A Link to the past…and this is ridiculous.

    I hope Zelda Wii U is much better than this.