A Link Between Worlds US Box Art

Amazon has compiled a list of their top 10 games of 2013 and have listed A Link Between Worlds at number three, enjoying the company of titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us, and Super Mario 3D World. In the list, Amazon has this to say about the latest installment in the Zelda franchise.

A Link Between Worlds is loaded with early ’90s nostalgia, obvious to those who played A Link to the Past. It’s in the enemies, the overworld map, and iconic items. But this isn’t just a trip down memory lane. It stands strong on its own, maintaining a style worthy of 2013 thanks to refreshed graphics and new game mechanics such as wall merging, item upgrades, and a non-linear narrative. Veteran gamers will rejoice at a well-done tribute to one of the best games ever, but the tribute may be a classic in its own right.

A Link Between Worlds is ranked ahead of the likes of Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, and Super Mario 3D World. With so much talk of the much-coveted game of the year awards being given out, does A Link Between Worlds stand a chance against its competition? According to Amazon, the answer to this question is yes. Is their placement of Link’s latest adventure well-deserved? Let us know your thoughts in our revamped comment system!

Source: Amazon
Via: GoNintendo