There have been plenty of Zelda-themed t-shirts that have sprung up over the last few weeks. Well, here’s another one from Etsy! This Christmas-themed Zelda shirt just screams classic Zelda, with its design taking inspiration from the original Legend of Zelda. Link is shown fighting Aquamentus, while familiar Zelda images such as the Triforce and Rupees appear as patterns throughout the shirt. It’s great design, and the Christmas colors just bring out the holiday spirit. The shirts come in Kelly Green and Navy colors, and they are also available in a variety of sizes. The shirt is only $20.15 (not including shipping and handling) and ships worldwide, so it is quite a deal! If you’re buying this as a present for someone, you can pick up a similarly-themed Zelda Christmas Card as well. So if you are in the holiday spirit and want a Zelda shirt that fits that mood, or even if you just want a nice retro Zelda shirt, this is the perfect shirt to get or to give as a gift!

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Source: Etsy
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