With all the new Zelda-related collectibles that came out this year, it is the perfect time keep expanding your stock. A great way to show off your love for the series is custom apparel, which can include shirts, hoodies, jewelry, and in this case: shoes. Hand-painted shoes are way better than shoes coming off the production line with the same print on every one because they are unique, even if the designs are meant to be essentially the same. Hit the jump to check out some fun kicks that we uncovered!

Twilight Princess Shoe

As you can see, these beauties are styled in the design of Twilight Princess, and basically look like they could have just come off the factory truck with how the picture takes after official artwork. If you are not a fan of Twilight Princess or you prefer a different style of shoe, many artists who do this kind of work are open to other games and other kinds of shoes. A simple search on Etsy will take you through any number of shoe styles (mainly slip-on and converse, though) and types of Zelda artwork. Sadly, this particular pair is not for sale, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out similar items!

Keep in mind that hand-crafted pieces are never cheap, and fandom pieces can be even more because vendors know that fanboys and fangirls will pay the extra for the pleasure of having stylized and specific gear. Count on themed shoes going for at least $50.00. Let us know how badly you want these shoes and what cool Zelda clothes you have!

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Source: deviantArt
Via: SpriteStitch