Are you a fan of Wind Waker? Do you wanna get your hands on some cool Wind Waker items? Then check out these absolutely adorable Zelda plush toys. These plush toys include Link, Zelda, and Tingle, and are currently only available for pre-order in Japan, with each plush costing  ¥1,500 (which is worth approximately $15/€10.50/£8.90). They are expected to come out on February 14, 2014 around Valentine’s Day. If you want to import these plushies, they are currently being offered at Amiami and Hobby Link Japan. Hopefully these make it to North American and Europe soon, since they are just so darn adorable and would be a welcome acquisition for any Zelda fan!

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Source: Amiami [1], Hobby Link Japan [2]
Via: Nintendo Life [1], Destructoid [2]
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